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where can I get kefir cultures?

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PurplePillowCase Sat 11-Nov-17 16:38:51

am interested in the watery kind, not the dairy kind.

Blondie1984 Sat 11-Nov-17 16:44:44

On Amazon

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 11-Nov-17 16:47:39

Yeah Amazon, I bought them and they didn't work at all, and just tasted like grim piss water.
I'd get a good probiotic tablet instead.
Or treat yourself for thrush once a month, even if you have none of the usual symptoms.

ShovingLeopard Sat 11-Nov-17 16:48:27

Whole Foods have them, though I'm not sure they have the water ones.

Deathraystare Sat 11-Nov-17 18:29:15

Lakeland as well.

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