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Home made instant pancake mix

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PeteMe Fri 10-Nov-17 17:29:27


Has anyone tried this instant pancake mix recipe from Nigella? Has it come out nice, or do you have one that has worked for you?

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Heratnumber7 Fri 10-Nov-17 17:30:52

All pancakes are pretty instant aren’t they? Milk,eggs and flour. What’s more instant than that?

BikeRunSki Fri 10-Nov-17 17:32:08

How much more instant do you want pancakes to be?

Beat eggs and milk into flour..... fry....

StatueInTheSky Fri 10-Nov-17 17:34:24

4oz SRflour
quarter pint of milk
couple of tbs of sugar
this makes about15 ish, so scale it up accordingly.

i would not bother making it up in advance...what a palaver Nigella makes of things.

PeteMe Fri 10-Nov-17 17:48:27

It does make it a lot easier when I don't have to take my scale out to measure the ingredients. This recipe is the best far I've found so far, just add water, butter and the pancake mix:

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StatueInTheSky Fri 10-Nov-17 18:24:29

so just work it out in cups...pancakes are not that fussy

4 oz is what a cup of flour? and a quarterpint a bit more than half?

but if you want to faff with weighing things out and putting them in jars then crack on! TBH once you have made pancakes more than about three times you know what you are doing and won't need to use scales anyway.

Playmobilpeacock Fri 10-Nov-17 18:27:33

I use the Nigella recipe but I halve the baking powder.

My children love it and it is always their request for a birthday breakfast.

I have a cup that measures 150g so I can pour it out and add the wet ingredients in seconds.

viques Fri 10-Nov-17 18:28:20

I don't measure pancakes, I look to see what the batter looks like. Much more important is having the pan the right temperature.

Dairymilkmuncher Fri 10-Nov-17 18:29:38

Not tried Hers yet but have tried a few and m&s in the tub has been the best. You need to add a heap of sugar but they are great

picklemepopcorn Fri 10-Nov-17 18:29:49

You need an egg, though.

Basically, it’s seasoned self raising flour and milk powder. It’s honestly just as easy to add a bit of sugar and salt to a small cup of self raising flour, mix in an egg, and thin it with milk.

Bob's your uncle.

LoniceraJaponica Fri 10-Nov-17 18:30:16

I have made them. They are OK.

TBH measuring out the ingredients isn't a faff as I have slimline electronic scales that I keep in the cupboard next to my mixing bowls.

EnglishGirlApproximately Fri 10-Nov-17 18:31:53

I often have some of the Nigella mix made up, it makes lovely thick American style pancakes which are a bit more of a treat than the ones I usually make.

BrieAndChilli Fri 10-Nov-17 18:32:28

I just do 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of flour and 1 egg. That does a couple of pancakes each and I just double or triple if we are extra hungry/have guests etc.

Super quick and easy and just as easy and quick as adding something and mixing into a ready prepared mix!!!!

BeyondThePage Fri 10-Nov-17 18:34:27

I just do 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of flour and 1 egg

Same here

SilverSpot Sat 11-Nov-17 08:23:57

I just do 1 cup of milk, 1 cup of flour and 1 egg

Me too

TinklyLittleLaugh Sat 11-Nov-17 21:10:09

What size of cup? And do you make small thick American style pancakes with it or British style ones?

BeyondThePage Sun 12-Nov-17 08:34:24

A "standard" cup... (measures about 250ml/9 fluid ounces) mine is an actual cup of roundabout that volume - precision is not essential with pancakes.

and it makes UK style pancakes - (roughly 4oz flour/half pint milk/one egg) for American you need more flour and buttermilk instead of milk.

Chasingsquirrels Sun 12-Nov-17 08:38:15

Another one thinking "it's just an egg, flour & milk". Not that I make them - the ds's have taken over doing that. Yum, I'm going to get up and suggest pancakes for breakfast to ds2 now.

tailspin Sun 12-Nov-17 08:39:42

I like the Nigella one for American pancakes, my DH loves them. I mix the dry ingredients and keep them in the cupboard in an airtight container.

SandysMam Sun 12-Nov-17 08:41:59

Use self raising flour, milk, egg, sugar and vanilla essence. No measuring, just make sure the batter is nice and thick. Also add a knob of melted butter. Yum!

just5morepeas Sun 12-Nov-17 08:43:40

I've made Nigella's American style pancakes and they were yummy. It's the one I use for breakfast pancakes now.

Also, I took the premixed/measures dry ingredients in a freezer bag when we went on a self catering holiday and it worked out really well. I don't think I'd bother when I was at home though.

picklemepopcorn Sun 12-Nov-17 08:44:47

For me the difference Ben American and English is the flour.
SR and a thicker batter for American (add a splash of lemon to the milk to make it a bit like butter milk- can’t tell the difference myself). I think we call them drop scones. Or hissing Jennies?
Plain flour and more milk for thin English pancakes.

TinklyLittleLaugh Sun 12-Nov-17 10:45:34

Thanks Beyond. I onlt ever make pancakes on pancake day (Delia recipe). I like the idea of knocking some out for breakfast.

PeteMe Sun 12-Nov-17 19:58:54

I've decided to try this one as it requries 1 cup of the mixture, so no weighing scale required:

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PeteMe Sun 12-Nov-17 20:15:15

@Playmobilpeacock Why do you halve the baking powder?

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