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Meal ideas for the family who cannot all eat the same meal please

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CryingShame Wed 08-Nov-17 09:28:42

I'm tearing my hair out with meal options for our family:

DH - veggie, eats goat's cheese, mozerella and red leicester but no other cheese and only on things (pizza fine, mac n cheese not fine). Prefers quorn etc. meat substitutes but also eats pulses.
Me - meat eater - loves cheese and will eat some veggie meals (no pepper / aubergine though). Prefer veggie based meals - tofu, mushrooms, 3-bean chilli etc. to meat replacement
DS - will eat chicken, smoked fish, ham and sausage. No other meat. Also won't eat onion or any sauces except gravy. Will eat cheese sprinkled on top of pasta but no mac n cheese etc. but does a decent range of usual weg - cabbage, brocolli, carrots etc.

At the moment DH makes his own thing and a seperate meal for DS, then I either eat the same as DS when I get home or have a ready meal as I'm last one in. On Sunday I suggested we go out for Sunday lunch so I could have a decent roast dinner that wasn't chicken but DH suggested I get some TV roast dinners to eat sad. I'm sick of eating DS's beige meals and ready meals. What veggie meals I've made I've enjoyed more than DH - portobello mushroom burgers, 3-bean chilli etc. and I don't like the texture of quorn so I'd rather not eat his meals.

DH also doesn't like the smell of meat cooking so complains if we bring cooked rotiserie chicken home in the car from the supermarket, or if I use the slow cooker. He also complains about meat being wasted if any is left over, as an animal died to provide it, but DS especially tends not to eat all the meat on his plate.

DH was veggie before about 5 years ago and gave up in part because we hit this last time, where meals are just a bloody mess. He doesn't want to give up again this time, which I understand, but I need some meal options where I don't always come last. Dinner last night was tinned ravioli because DS would definitely eat it and it could be prepared quickly. DS has after school clubs 3 nights a week that we need to work around.

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scurryfunge Wed 08-Nov-17 09:36:51

I'd cook a roast type dinner with plenty of veg and probably put two small pieces of meat in the oven and a veggie equivalent so you'll all have something you like and will eat. DH can't dictate the cooking smells though. There has to be some give.

MusicToMyEars800 Wed 08-Nov-17 09:43:04

Satay noodles
Potato and mushroom curry
Goats cheese and mushroom risotto
Spinach lasagne

Might be worth a try?

Pythonesque Wed 08-Nov-17 09:44:09

We often do a big vegetable stirfry, with protein options cooked separately to be stirred in to each person's serving as they choose. (one pescetarian cheese-lover, one dairy-intolerant child, one adult - me - gluten and dairy intolerant, and the other adult is a bit more reasonable but doesn't enjoy cooking when he's tired).

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 08-Nov-17 11:45:19

Would do eat a veggie Shepherds pie? Could use quorn or lentils and veg.
Another vote for falafels and pita (easy to make your own but there are plenty of good ready made ones available)
How about fritata or a quiche
Puff pastry tart, you could but different toppings in different areas to cater for different tastes.
Would do eat pasta with smoked salmon, cream cheese, peas and sweet corn? The cream cheese helps to combine it really not necessarily a sauce, dh could sub the salmon in his.
How about skewers? Different veg, meat combinations for different people.
Jacket potatoes. And toppings

CryingShame Wed 08-Nov-17 13:49:57

Thanks for the suggestions ladies. I'm tempted by the stir fry option. DS won't eat egg, except in cake, but DH and I could do some form of quiche together and leave DS to his beige.

Like the skewer idea as well as I could marinade tofu or something with veg for DH and DS could help me make them.

DS won't eat salmon or tuna, or cream cheese but pasta, cream, peas and sweetcorn would go down, maybe with bacon.

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LadyGagarden Wed 08-Nov-17 14:00:22

How about chicken pies for you and DS and a Linda McCartney meat substitute one for DH? Or sausage/veggie saus and mash?

Ricekrispie22 Wed 08-Nov-17 17:50:26

Mexican bean burgers
Lentil curry
Delia Smith's Boston baked beans
BBC Good Food's spicy root vegetable and lentil casserole
The Flexitarian's sweet potato, spinach and butter bean stew
Sainsbury's Cajun chickpea salad

Fekko Wed 08-Nov-17 17:51:38

I'll pop back - sounds like my lot!

Consideredintrusion Wed 08-Nov-17 18:06:46

We are similar as a family; vegan, 2x vegan/veggie, omnivore (who would eat absolutely everything, easiest one) and a vehemently not veggie carnivore who is also beige-an. All I can say is that the freezer is your friend. What ever you cook, cook loads, double or triple the recipe and freeze remainder.

Also those sachets of microwaveable lentils are a boon for adding some protein to veg and knocking up a quick meal.

Fried rice is a good one to add to the stir fry suggestions. Add protein as desired.

Risotto is great, make a veggie base and stir in some salmon or chicken.

Burgers always great, patties and fillings as desired.

Burrito bowls amazing too. I make coriander and lime rice, guac, a quinoa with Mexican flavours, mixed veggies (whatever you have in fridge) roasted with cumin and chilli, two chicken breast in taco seasoning then shredded, black and kidney beans for the vegan protein, shredded cheese of choice (recommend biology vegan cheese) Fill bowl as desired.

If I think of any more will pop back.

Following with interest.

Joinourclub Wed 08-Nov-17 18:20:11

Sausages/quorn sausages mash veg gravy

Veg stir fried rice (+stir fried chicken in a separate pan)

Fajitas (+some cooked chicken)

Individual pies and chips or mash and veg

Vegetable curry

Quorn burger/beef burger chips and corn on the cob

You don't have to eat exactly the same if you have a freezer! Cook 2 lots of chilli/spaghetti Bol and freeze the leftovers.

2tired2bewitty Wed 08-Nov-17 18:28:17

I have nothing useful to add, but some of these ideas sound delicious!

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