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Cooking with quorn..

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lolaband142 Mon 06-Nov-17 18:41:07

How do you do it?
I don’t mind quorn, I just can’t get used to the texture. I’m turning vegetarian after being a meat eater all my life, so the quorn mince and ‘chicken’ pieces just don’t seem to have that ‘chewy’ texture. It’s a bit soft, which I am finding a bit ‘bleurgh’.
are their any other ways of making the meat harder/chewier? Or do you just get used to the texture?

hazelnutlatte Mon 06-Nov-17 18:53:31

Quorn is quite a different texture to meat but if you're not keen on it there are lots of other brands to try. Linda McCartney burgers taste very similar to beef burgers, or you could try some of the supermarket own brands.

bumpysleighride Mon 06-Nov-17 18:57:45

The trick is to use good quality tinned tomatoes and lots of herbs/ spices so you’ve got loads of flavour. Can’t help with texture, I haven’t eaten meat since I was 13! DH is a ‘meat eater’ but loves my veggie food. You have to be imaginative as a veggie! Also don’t forgot to eat plenty of lentils/ beans and chickpeas.

Mrsknackered Mon 06-Nov-17 19:08:55

I really don't like quorn mince. But DS1 loves the quorn chicken nuggets (I know, I know) so he has them in wraps with salad, etc.
The Stella mccartney stuff is good for quick meals.
I am yet to find a vegetarian sausage that I like - i tried to make a toad in the hole with Quorn ones, it failed miserably.
I tend to do halloumi burgers rather than replica burgers or these are realllllly good.
Suggested to me by another MNetter!
If you're a pescatarian salmon burgers/tacos are amazing, but I'm aware you said veggie!

lolaband142 Mon 06-Nov-17 19:49:21

Thanks guys! I’ve tried the Linda McCartney sausages - wasn’t too keen. But I’ll definitely try the burgers.
I’m also planning on buying some stuff from ‘The Fry Family Food Company’ has anyone tried any stuff from there?!

ElfEars Mon 06-Nov-17 19:53:44

I think you eventually get used to the different texture. I used to hate quorn mince but love it now. Chicken wise rather than using the pieces buy the chicken fillets.

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