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Good dinner party starter

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EmmaGrundyForPM Fri 03-Nov-17 08:48:19

Can anyone give me a good dinner party starter recipe? I'm bored with the ones I usually do, plus some of my guests have probably had them at mne several times!

My standard starters are
grilled peppers with pesto and mozzarella
smoked makerel pate with toast
King prawns with garlic and chilli

I'm going to do salmon for the main course. One guest doesn't eat crab and one doesn't eat blue cheese.

Any ideas?

kateandme Fri 03-Nov-17 11:51:59

salmon pate on little round of cucumber dollop of cream cheese with sprig of dill
mini Yorkshires with slice of beef and horseradish
chunky mixed olive tapenade on toast triangles
stuffed peppers with rice and chorizo
soup of course
mini tartlets with a chorizo,peppers.tomatos pine nuts.onion sautee add some feta or mozerlla melted on top.
little frittata bakes in muffin tin or omelette type thing
make some bacon baskets by placing them into muffin tin,add some beans and egg on top.
oeff en coute
garlic mushrooms.
mini rosti topped with bacon
bubble and squeak cakes
mushroom and goats cheese pastry bites
crumb coated ravioli with marinera sauce
cheesy nachos with salsa verde
procuito wrapped roasted asparagus
egg rolls
pot stickers
sweet chilli chicken sliders
vietnemesse summer rolls with dipping sauce
mini pasties
sundreied tomato and spinach pin pastry wheels
cheese fritta
potato fritters
shrimp filo parcels with dipping sauce.
panko dunked prawns

Orangeplastic Fri 03-Nov-17 16:40:42

I don't do a starter, it's too much faffing when guests arrive. I just do drinks and nibbles....not the answer you are maybe looking for. blush

Wormulonian Fri 03-Nov-17 17:37:22

I don't usually bother with a traditional starter but do have out a little meze variey of 4 or 5 things - nice olives, a dip such as hummus, avocado and broadbean, baba ganoush etc with some pitta, maybe a ham or bresola, little spanakopitas or stuffed vine leaves or mini veg etc.

Starryskiesinthesky Fri 03-Nov-17 17:43:54

This delicious - can serve with mini pittas

EmmaGrundyForPM Fri 03-Nov-17 18:15:59

Thanks for all the suggestion s. I'm a bit reluctant to do the nezze/ nibbles approach as it always seems to be such a lot of work. My smoked mackerel pate is a diddle to make in advance but I keep serving it, plus the main course is salmon so it would be quite a fishy theme.

Ice made the halloumi recipe from St Delia before and it's always gone down well bit always for a summer dinner party outside. I've never done it at this time of year but no reason why not.

NoStraightEdges Fri 03-Nov-17 18:29:58

Little Greek salad boats-use chicory (or endive) leaves for the boats. Fill with olive, cube of feta, diced red onion and dress with a Greek salad dressing.

Or tomoato and mozzarella salad jazzed up with pesto and fresh basil

Or vol au vents filled with creamy mushrooms, topped with a sprig of dill (chestnut mushrooms diced quite small sweated down with shallot when it gets juicy in the pan add a spoon of flour then add a dash of mushroom stock and cream and seasoning to make a sauce.)

Crostini. Slice a long baguette in an angle. Make a tomato salsa (use different coloured tomatoes for interest) with diced onion plenty of seasoning and a last minute diced avocado. Garnish with fresh herbs.

RaindropsAndSparkles Fri 03-Nov-17 18:34:32

Big bowl of quail eggs, celery salt and some nice charcuterie slices

DarthMaiden Fri 03-Nov-17 19:17:00

One of my favourites is scallops with a sweet chilli sauce and creme fraiche.

It’s lovely and it fits my requirements that starters need to be as fuss free and quick as possible.

You can prep the sauce in advance - then it’s just a matter of plonking some rocket on a plate, pan frying the scallops (a minute each side at most) then adding to the plate with the chilli sauce and creme fraiche.

Looks pretty, tastes great and really easy.

DarthMaiden Fri 03-Nov-17 19:22:44

As another suggestion if you don’t want seafood is a warm salad with chicken livers and a raspberry vinaigrette.

Rick Stein does it with perry vinegar but I prefer it with a raspberry vinegar.

LambMadras Fri 03-Nov-17 19:55:44

Bruschetta makes a great starter.
I often do a big board of bruschetta on toasted ciabatta, lots of Parma ham and salami, olives, mozzarella balls etc. Yum!
Also liver pate homemade is always nice with a fig or onion relish and some toasted sourdough.
Or asparagus, ham and poached egg.

Starryskiesinthesky Fri 03-Nov-17 21:08:54

A friend made me this one and it was lovely

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