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Can I cook the turkey on Christmas Eve and serve it on Christmas Day?

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123fushia Sun 29-Oct-17 18:14:52

Cooking Christmas lunch for 10 this year - small oven. Would it be ok to cook it on Christmas Eve night, leaving my oven clear for roast spuds etc. on Christmas Day? Ideas gratefully received!

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MsHippo Sun 29-Oct-17 18:16:11

You could, but it'll be less nice and you won't need to. Potatoes, veg etc all cook in the time it takes a turkey to rest!

Chewbecca Sun 29-Oct-17 18:17:51

My response would have been exactly the same as mshippo's!

formerbabe Sun 29-Oct-17 18:17:55

If it was me, I'd cook it in the morning. Then when it is done, double wrap in foil and cover with a large bath towel. I'd leave it resting like that for two hours which would leave plenty of time for everything else to cook.

Chewbecca Sun 29-Oct-17 18:19:08

Actually, I would add pop tin foil and a towel over the turkey while it rests to help it stay warm.

Chewbecca Sun 29-Oct-17 18:19:51

Ha, ok, my towel suggestion also now made before I finished my 2nd post!

BiteyShark Sun 29-Oct-17 18:20:09

I have cooked it in the morning and wrapped in foil during which time I then put on all the veggies etc. This makes it less stressful and more room in the oven for the veggies.

Ropsleybunny Sun 29-Oct-17 18:21:34

Definitely cook it the night before. I always do and no one has ever noticed. It takes the stress out of Christmas morning and served on hot plates with hot gravy, you can't tell the difference. What's more, it's much easier to carve.

schoolgaterebel Sun 29-Oct-17 18:22:12

I ave cooked the turkey the day before carved it and poured all the cooking juice over and refrigerated, then warmed it the next day in the juice. Removed from juice and places on serving plate. It was lovely and very succulent.

Furball Sun 29-Oct-17 18:23:56

It will be fine - but it will obviously be cold

I do this and we have another xmas meal on boxing day, with cold turkey and freshly cooked everything else. It's really fine.

But as others have said the turkey will keep warm and rest under towels and foil for at least an hour - Jamie Oliver recommends an hour btw

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