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Portable, make-ahead, wheat-free desert?

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Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed Thu 26-Oct-17 02:37:47

I have to take a desert to a thing. No idea how many people. I don't know the people.

No time tomorrow so will have to make it 24 hours ahead.

Must be wheat-free (and can't contain gelatine).

I'm a good cook but short on time and will be making it whilst putting kids to bed and planning tomorrow's lessons.

Any ideas?

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Anon75 Thu 26-Oct-17 02:39:12

You can get wheat free flour to make a Victoria sponge or similar. Just follow packet instructions but usually you just replace normal flour with it:

Smitff Thu 26-Oct-17 02:40:38

Dessert, not the Sahara grin

Meringue with a raspberry cookies and fresh strawberries to chuck over it?


Cheesecake without the base?

Anon75 Thu 26-Oct-17 02:42:23

Cheesecake is a good idea actually you can use wheat free digestives from most supermarkets

Lucienandjean Thu 26-Oct-17 02:46:24

Ice cream
Fruit salad
Chocolate mousse (with eggs rather than gelatine)

Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed Thu 26-Oct-17 03:27:49

Pavlova! Good idea.

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