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Salty pork emergency!

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Cawanaka Sun 22-Oct-17 10:29:28

So what I usually do with roast pork is salt the skin a couple of times to draw out all the moisture and it works a treat, brilliant crackling easily.

Today I used some 'cooking' salt that I usually use for curing and such like just because I didn't have any sea salt in arms reach at the time. It now tastes awful! And the taste seems to have permeated it's way throughout all the meat. It's too salty but also a horrible type of taste like you get in really crap table salt.

Help! How can I fix it?

Heratnumber7 Sun 22-Oct-17 10:50:34

What’s the difference between cooking salt and salt?

<missing the point>

TeddyIsaHe Sun 22-Oct-17 11:00:00

Ooh that’s a tough one, the only way I can think of is to take off all the skin/crackling and then finish cooking it pot-roast style so in water with veg (make sure there some potatoes as they draw out the excess salt) slowly so it’s not exactly a roast but not completely wasted?

Jeanvaljean27 Sun 22-Oct-17 11:01:32

It's ruined, unfortunately. The benefit of using sea salt crystals for salting the pork skin is that it lacks anti-sticking additives that your saxa table salt has, which render the texture of the skin funny.

Plus you've obviously also used too much of the table salt, which has rendered it too salty. Nothing to do to rescue it, unfortunately. Chalk it down to experience.

Cawanaka Sun 22-Oct-17 11:07:48

Harsh but fair! Very good advice though about the salt, I never knew that. I'm sure I've used table salt before and it's been fine but maybe not.

kateandme Sun 22-Oct-17 11:08:06

boil you have pressure cooker this takes excess salt out.boil in milk with some herbs and potatos,veg etc

Jeanvaljean27 Sun 22-Oct-17 11:09:03

Alternatively you could chop it up into small pieces, stick it in a Tupperware in freezer and use it in small amounts in lieu of pancetta/lardons?

In things like boeuf bourguignon, pasta carbonara, American style pork and beans (or its Italian cousin fagioli con pancetta), tarte flambée etc. That's probably what I'd do.

Cawanaka Sun 22-Oct-17 16:19:46

So served it. Everyone else said they didn't know what I was talking about and did seem to go for seconds and thirds, hmmm. Lesson learned though!

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