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Can I freeze a bag of supermarket kale?

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megletthesecond Wed 18-Oct-17 09:34:16

There's always so much of it! I'd like to freeze it to add to pasta bakes over the next few weeks?

(Off to work so can't reply for a bit!)

Weedsnseeds1 Wed 18-Oct-17 10:25:37

Yes but blanch it first

kateandme Wed 18-Oct-17 12:30:31

yes .we never blanch our first.just straight into freezer bags.some we add a few garlic bulbs too to grab out for a lovely kale and garlic saute

megletthesecond Wed 18-Oct-17 13:36:21

Ooh. Thanks.

As I have so much I'll blanch half and not the other and see how they come out.

If the slugs hadn't eaten my garden kale I wouldn't have to buy industrial size bags of the stuff !

CheshireChat Wed 18-Oct-17 16:02:45

Also kale is great turned into crispy seaweed- just put in the oven with some seasoning until it dries, but be careful not to burn it. The seasoning can be anything you fancy- sugar, salt, Chinese 5 spice, garlic in any combo work well.

Lookingtothehighlands Thu 19-Oct-17 15:59:29

Yep, I just bunged a whole bag in when I had too much and broke off chunks to stir into curries, bakes etc.

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