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Fish finger pie

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DaisyRaine90 Sat 14-Oct-17 21:01:38

Love fish fingers. Want to try making fish finger pie but lots of different recipes about and not sure how they’ll turn out.

How do you make it?
Any suggested recipes?

Looking for variations too 😊


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BroomstickOfLove Sat 14-Oct-17 21:03:30

I've never heard of fish finger pie, but am now intrigued by the idea.

MargotLovedTom1 Sat 14-Oct-17 21:05:04

Pie with pastry, or topped with mash? either way grin.

DaisyRaine90 Sat 14-Oct-17 21:20:10

Mash 😊

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Trailedanderror Sat 14-Oct-17 21:24:10

What about white fish, topped with spinach béchamel and the a bread crumb topping

AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 14-Oct-17 23:24:23

From my student days, fish finger pie was simply, (layered in oven proof dish) layer of cooked, fish fingers, layer of baked beans (not too much bean juice), layer of mash, layer of grated cheese. Baked in oven until top goes crispy.

AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 14-Oct-17 23:26:16

Could sub beans for layer of peas and sweet corn

Gazelda Sat 14-Oct-17 23:28:07

I think I’d chuck some broccoli in there too for ‘green’.
Or peas might fit the theme slightly better?

ProseccoMamam Sun 15-Oct-17 00:01:06

You could do that lovely creamy white fish sauce (that you get in the frozen ready meal fish pies) and then top with mash and have mixed veggies on the side.

The student fish pie sounds lush and I want it now

BumWad Sun 15-Oct-17 00:02:38

Trailed that sounds good tell me more please

Ricekrispie22 Sun 15-Oct-17 06:46:41

This has to be the simplest recipe

But this one is the favourite in our house!

But why stop there! There possibilities are endless!

And have you ever tried fish finger pizza?

Trailedanderror Sun 15-Oct-17 07:59:44

I'm not sure it would work as the sauce and spinach would make the fishfingers soggy. I always put spinach in a fish pie though, and it's lovely!

DaisyRaine90 Sun 15-Oct-17 09:02:40

Ooh excited 😆 it’s going on the meal plan for the week. Thanks 🙏

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