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Can I eat expired tofu?

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SillyYak Tue 03-Oct-17 17:53:24

Not a regular tofu eater, I've had a carton of clearspring tofu in my cupboard for a while, its production date is 12.2.16, its expiry date 10.2.17 (so 8 months ago!). Would anyone on here be brave enough to eat it for supper tonight? I'm considering it, but would value the opinion of any tofu experts out there...

Kimchifamily Tue 03-Oct-17 19:11:10

I probably wouldn't eat one past 2/3 months, but open it up and smell it, tofu has a weird smell when off.

SillyYak Tue 03-Oct-17 20:45:46

Thank you!

yasmin05 Thu 05-Oct-17 12:08:50

I don't think it's safe to eat anything past its freshness. The odd smell or presence of some external particles usually come when it's way expired already, so even when I just suspect its freshness, I usually end up just throwing it away.

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