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To ask for recipes - and hand-holding - for a salted caramel birthday cake

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guilty100 Sun 01-Oct-17 16:49:04

DH loves chocolate and salted caramel, and has a biggish birthday this year. He's been having a tough time lately with work, and I'd like to make him a cake to show I care. (Putting the effort in matters to me, though I'm very far from being a great baker as you can probably already tell!).

I am now the proud owner of two 7 inch cake pans (thank you Lakeland).

I'd like to make a 4-layer cake with a chocolate sponge and chocolate ganache with salted caramel inside. Then either chocolate or salted caramel icing on the outside (would salted caramel icing be too much caramel?), with drippy caramel on top. I have seen a couple of recipes where you use Carnation caramel, which would save me from boiling up sugar if need be.

I was thinking of decorating it with Rolos.

Comments, suggestions, thoughts would be really welcome!

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