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Best onion gravy recipe?

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Summerbytheseaside Sun 01-Oct-17 14:00:03

I don't like meat gravy so usually make onion gravy but it usually comes out a weird green colour (ie the colour of the onion itself). What am I missing- what do I need to add to make it a nice dark colour? Does anyone have a lovely onion gravy recipe to share? Thanks!

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redthefraggle Sun 01-Oct-17 15:33:02

I slow cook my onions in a little oil over a low heat until they're gooey and translucent. Then I add brown sugar and balsamic vinegar in equal quantities and cook through until sticky. Add about a heaped teaspoon of plain flour, cook out and add vegetable stock. Add a little thyme and simmer until needed or about 10 mins or so.
Apologies for the lack of timings or quantities, I'm one of those cooks that just tends to bung things together. It is a lovely gravy, though. Incidentally, if you want you make caramalised onion marmalade, keep adding more brown sugar and balsamic vinegar and keep simmering until you get the desired consitency. Obviously, dont add the flour or stock!

Joinourclub Sun 01-Oct-17 18:59:47

Mine is a bit different every time I'm afraid! But I agree to a slow cooking of the onions and then adding balsamic vinegar.sinetimes I add a splash of red wine too. Sometimes I add a few drops of soy sauce or a small amount of marmite which helps to brown the gravy and gives a savoury flavour. Sometimes I may add some finely sliced rehydrated dried porcini mushroons and some if the 'soaking liquor'.

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