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shepherd's needed!

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runner2 Sat 30-Sep-17 21:35:08

Not something I usually make but my lovely dad is seriously ill and I'm trying to help both him and mum by taking a meal each time I visit and I think he'd find this quite easy to eat... But I'm very short of time so need it to be super-quick and easy - and tasty of course! Recipe suggestions would be much appreciated. (Actually I've only got steak mince so I guess I'm thinking of a cottage pie?? Whatever, you get the gist!). smile

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SeaSeeker Sat 30-Sep-17 21:38:47

Don't have a recipe myself but

AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 30-Sep-17 22:07:30

Fry off your mince, large onion, garlic, carrots and finely diced celery. Add tin of tomatoes, squirt of tomato purée add beef stock or good glug of red wine and sprinkling of mixed herbs. Make your mash with a plenty of butter and a table spoon of horseradish. Put meat in an oven proof dish and top with mash. Fork over mash for plenty of crispy bits and bake for an hour.

BeansOnToastWithCheese Sat 30-Sep-17 22:23:32

Also if you need it to be super quick you can chop all the veg in a food processor.

kateandme Sun 01-Oct-17 11:18:25

fry off mince till brown.add some celery.carrots.garlic and onion.fry down a little til the celery and carrots or softening and onions caramlising.then add a little cornflour just to coat.this will really help for an unxious sauce later and as it cooks and thickens.
dust in some bisto gravy powder.some Worcester sauce and tin of tomatos(or jar of dolmio) and a good squeeze of puree.season.mixed herbs.and a stock cub and cover with kettle water.let it cok,buble cook down to desired thickeness and sauce-eg
whilst this is happening be cooking potatos to soft when knife goes in.just over.drain and mashed with loads.we do half butter to potato weight and milk.season.
put mince in casserole dish and allow to settle just a ltitle so mash doesn't melt into it.cover with butter and cook.

AtleastitsnotMonday Sun 01-Oct-17 13:21:54

Kate so do you mean for 1kg potatoes you would add 500g butter?

Fairylea Sun 01-Oct-17 13:26:31

If you really want to cheat pick up a packet of Schwartz shepherds pie mix and stir that into your mince and carrots etc with water and then put ready to use mash on top (Tesco fresh aisle one is best). We do this all the time and it’s lovely grin

runner2 Mon 02-Oct-17 11:41:43

Thank you all! smile

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