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harvest feast

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EleanorFoodie Thu 28-Sep-17 15:48:09

Mmmm it all sounds delicious and you seem to have it pretty much sorted. I think the sweet potato sounds a great idea. May be a sweet potato and spinach curry or a veggie chilli. You could serve both in a slow cooker if you have one and people can hep them selfs. Serve with rice/naan and for the chilli option rice/nachos.

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 28-Sep-17 15:03:58

I'd go for a veggie stew something like this butternut squash one. Add in some veggie dumplings and serve alongside the hassle backs. To be honest if your meat dish is rabbit I would well over cater on the veggie option because it's not universally popular. Will you be doing any veg alongside the Rabbit?

girlwhowearsglasses Thu 28-Sep-17 12:57:00

Am having a dinner for about 18 friends - we want to do a harvest themed easy going meal - partly outside.

Am using my large supply of tomatoes from this summer to make soup, DP is barbecuing rabbits, I'm going to make bread rolls and apple crumble for pudding. Oh and hasselback potatoes in the barbecue (with lid).

I want a veggie dish (I'm veggie) that's really nice and easy. I'm thinking of getting a load of fancy mushrooms from the market and chucking them in the slow cooker with butter shallots and cream for a few hours, than chucking some fresh herbs on top. What do you think? Any other autumnal ideas? I suppose squash of some kind but I want it to be an exciting alternative and addition to the meat, and something easy. Want to have fun with friends and not do cooking/serving so buffet based... (otherwise Id do roasted butternut and feta with pine nuts maybe)

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