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Best burger recipe

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Autumnleaves105 Wed 27-Sep-17 03:55:07

I'm having my parents round for dinner on Saturday and wanted to an easy dinner. Having just come back off holiday from America I'm feeling burgers!
Beef burgers, bought the mince already. Going to serve with handmade chips and onion rings and honeycomb smash cheesecake.
Please could I have your best beef burger recipe please?

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AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 27-Sep-17 09:19:46

I always do the Jamie Oliver burgers. They use cream crackers in the burger which sounds weird but it really helps them stay together and the aren't detectable in the end result. Jo uses mustard in his mix was is good but we've also mixed it up a bit and subbed mustard for horseradish and they were amazing.

StatueInTheSky Wed 27-Sep-17 09:29:37

I dice an onion super fine...almost to mush, but don't be tempted to blend it or it goes watery

decide on a theme if you want fancier burgers....
italian: add a blob of pesto, plenty of oregano, smidge of garlic, form burgers around a blob of mozzarella
smokey: smoked paprika, chipotle chilli
mexican: mush in some kidney beans, add chilliflakes
pork and apple: blob of whole grain mustard and a grated apple
pork and black pudding....either add in chunks or form the burger around a thin slice

the world is your oyster!!

Use PLENTY of S&P and really really squish the meat together, do not bother with any additions like crumbs/flour/egg it really not necessary if you squish the meat firmly

Take a tiny piece and throw that into a hot pan and cook both sides to taste and check for seasoning and once you are happy with that then form the burgers and set them on a board and chill for a couple of hours before you cook them. Make them at least 6 oz, anything less is just stingy and skimpy looking!

Use a very hot pan/griddle and do not be poking them about, like steak in a pan, if it's not moving it's not ready to turn.

StatueInTheSky Wed 27-Sep-17 09:31:10

AND try not to use a super lean mince, the fat gives flavour!

Autumnleaves105 Wed 27-Sep-17 13:55:08

Thanks for your replies!

I've got full fat mince- this is not going to be a slimming meal 😝

I've been wondering whether to just season well and let the beef do the talking or add in any extra flavours. Will have a think on that. I'm planning on making them pretty big so it's worth it otherwise I may as well have bought supermarket ones.

Not sure whether to use breadcrumbs or anything like that as I don't with meatballs and they're fine.

Hopefully they'll turn out well!

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