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Favourite walnut recipe

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frenchfancy Fri 22-Sep-17 07:43:19

Does anyone have a good walnut recipe they would like to share? My tree has produced a bumper crop and I'd like to use them for once (rather than having a bowl out a Christmas and the rest going to waste)

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TanteRose Fri 22-Sep-17 07:49:20

walnut pesto is yum!

or a Waldorf salad?

Add them to a banana cake mix?

We love walnuts - use them loads smile

TanteRose Fri 22-Sep-17 07:50:37

oh and you can freeze the pesto (before adding the cheese)

cheminotte Fri 22-Sep-17 07:52:44

Coffee walnut 🍰 !! Victoria sponge recipe with instant coffee dissolved in tiny bit of boiling water and chopped walnuts. Coffee butter icing. Yum yum!

n0ne Fri 22-Sep-17 10:18:05

Pear, blue cheese and walnut salad. You can use figs instead of the pears too.

frenchfancy Fri 22-Sep-17 14:19:41

Great. Walnut pesto now on the menu for the weekend.

I have pears so the salad sounds good. Need to check the fig tree.

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TanteRose Fri 22-Sep-17 16:21:07

Jealous of your lovely harvest!
You're in the South of France?

Jedbartletforpresident Fri 22-Sep-17 16:30:53

I was just away to suggest chicken Waldorf salad - fond memories of this as it was the first dish we ever made in Home Ec at school - it was the first dish anyone made for years and years, I wonder if it's still on the menu/syllabus 25 years later!

I also like chopping walnuts and adding them to chic chip cookies, brownies and crumble topping

frenchfancy Fri 22-Sep-17 19:49:59

Of course - brownies! Why didn't I think of that.

I'm in western France - near La Rochelle.

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Weedsnseeds1 Sat 23-Sep-17 11:10:40

Walnut liqueur?

frenchfancy Sun 24-Sep-17 10:10:03

alnut pesto is delicious - thank you @TanteRose

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AdaColeman Sun 24-Sep-17 10:17:15

Chopped and used as a coating before frying pork chops.

Added with apricots to a tagine.

Served with cubes of cheese for aperos.

HippadoppaloppaGammeldag Mon 25-Sep-17 18:47:37

Date and walnut loaf cake. This recipe is ace.

Or this one:

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