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One pot/All in Slow Cooker ideas

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ProfessorCat Mon 18-Sep-17 12:45:41

I'm disabled and completely fed up with microwave ready meals. I have a slow cooker and I'm wondering if anyone has any very easy recipes where I can literally throw everything in and turn it on.

At the moment I do a joint of beef, a casserole, cola ham, a chilli and a spag bol, all with pre prepared veg.

I'm looking for a bit of variety, preferably with pre chopped veg/simple store cupboard ingredients and preferably stuff that I don't need to make a side dish with although I'm not against microwave rice or mash if I need to smile

Recipes where I can throw pasta or rice in there with everything else would be particularly well accepted!

Thank you very much smile

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MrsStinkey Mon 18-Sep-17 12:51:58

I'm following this! Doing a caravan (tourer) holiday soon and it's double the length of our usual caravan getaways so, as we always take a slow cooker, I'm looking for quick and easy things to throw in in the morning that we can have for our dinner at night! Currently if away we do baked potatoes, chilli and a chicken casserole. Pasta and rice dishes would be great.

ProfessorCat Mon 18-Sep-17 12:54:14

Baked potatoes in the slow cooker?

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ProfessorCat Mon 18-Sep-17 19:57:28


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applecatchers36 Mon 18-Sep-17 20:12:26

Lamb shoulder cover it in a baste of butter, garlic, cumin, paprika. cook in slow cooker for 6-8 hrs. The meat renders down and the juices and the spices are delicious very easy, can have with rice, Cous -Cous etc..

ProfessorCat Mon 18-Sep-17 20:38:03

That sounds absolutely delicious, thank you!

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Rarotonga Mon 18-Sep-17 20:46:14

I have really enjoyed honey and garlic chicken thighs cooked in the slow cooker, which we had with rice.

StepAwayFromCake Mon 18-Sep-17 21:06:47

This evening my family tucked into a chicken and pearl barley slow cook.

I made it like this:

Packet of dried onions (I've no time to peel and fry off etc in the mornings) and a cup of pearl barley mixed together in the SC.
Laid a couple of bay leaves on top.
Covered with sliced leek.
Covered that with sliced mushrooms.
Laid 8 chicken thighs, skin-side up, on top.
Poured a generous glass of red wine over all of it.
Poured chicken stock over all of it, until the liquid just touched the chicken.
Cooked on low for about 6h.

This served 5.

Fusspots Family each chose the vegetable they wanted when they ate - it's been one of those mad evenings when everyone's in and out all the things me, no chance of a family meal. Frozen peas and proven sweet corn were easy options.

StepAwayFromCake Mon 18-Sep-17 21:10:21

Jacket potatoes work very well in the SC. they don't get as hard on the outside, but the inside can get almost caramelly.

Sometimes I oil them and sprinkle with sea salt and thyme, first. Mmmmmm - then they need nothing added at the table, just a bit of butter.

Northernmum100 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:17:06

Google 'dump cooking'for some ideas. Try to overlook the name- it basically means just dump everything in the pot and leave it. Loads of recipies, mostly American sites but good variety of meals, some recognisable, some not.

Achoopichu Mon 18-Sep-17 21:24:50

This is a great one pot recipe

redcaryellowcar Mon 18-Sep-17 22:34:38

I made something like this as a very simple one pot dish recently.

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