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What should I give my Reception child for tea?

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ShatterResistant Sun 17-Sep-17 17:42:03

Hi all, looking for some advice on feeding my 4yo.
We used to have a small lunch (sandwich, wraps, soup for e.g.) and a hot tea (pasta, sausages, fish fingers etc). But now she's having a hot lunch at school, so I feel like I shouldn't be giving her another hot meal at teatime.

What do you do? Is school lunch substantial enough to be her main meal? She's not a waif, so I'm wary of feeding her too much, but I want her to have enough veg etc at the same time... Any advice appreciated.

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AtleastitsnotMonday Sun 17-Sep-17 23:06:35

Is she hungry at tea time? Will she eat whatever she is given at lunch or will she dislike it or eat as little she can get away to be allowed out to play? To be honest I think it's likely to be a case of trial and error.
I don't think it's a case of temperature of the food but more about how heavy the meal is and serving size. There are plenty of people who would have tuna pasta salad for lunch and still eat a main meal in the evening but the portion of the salad at lunch would be smaller than say the tuna pasta bake they would eat in the evening.
As for the point about the veg. I serve it regardless. If it's a cold meal just serve salad or raw veg.

LiveLifeWithPassion Sun 17-Sep-17 23:12:27

My kids have a normal cooked dinner despite what they've had for lunch.
What were you planning on giving her? A balanced meal with protein, veg and complex carbs is better than a sandwich.

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