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Best chocolate cake topping?

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MagnumAddict Sat 16-Sep-17 16:59:52

Not sure topping is the best description?!

Googling between ganache and chocolate buttercream but even the buttercream has lots of different variations.

The one in my recipe just says 100g butter and 100g dark chocolate but I've seen others that also include icing sugar.

Any help would be appreciated!

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clary Sat 16-Sep-17 17:03:38

You need icing sugar for sure for buttercream. Butter and chocolate will just be, well, I'm not sure what.

I like ganache, 150ml cream and 150 g dark choc melted together then whisked, leave to cool a bit then pour over.

Allgirlskidsanddogs Sat 16-Sep-17 17:05:26

Delia's fudge icing, make double and use in the middle and on top.

Bobbiepin Sat 16-Sep-17 17:07:47

Depends on how you want to decorate really. Buttercream is good for complete coverage but you will definitely need icing sugar, and cocoa powder not chocolate if you want it chocolatey. Hot chocolate powder works great.

Ganache IMO is better for naked cakes, as something to drizzle over the top (and to hold something on top, like fruit, berries or chocolate shavings).

Is it one cake or layers with something between layers?

MerryMarigold Sat 16-Sep-17 17:13:54

My fav is an American fudge icing, but goes best with a v simple choc cake as it's v rich. Boil cream and demerara sugar choir 10 mins. Take off heat and add plain choc broken into cubes plus butter ahs vanilla essence. It's absolutely yummy

MagnumAddict Sat 16-Sep-17 17:18:05

I was suspicious of the no icing sugar in my recipe! Thanks so much

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MagnumAddict Sat 16-Sep-17 17:51:01

Great ideas for next time! Thanks again.

It's a small cake with two layers so will do filling and ice the top. Fancy trying a ganache with berries and the American fudge sounds great too

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tb Sun 17-Sep-17 15:19:01

150g plain choc and 65g butter

Melt together and allow to cool a little. Then you can either pour over, or whip with a balloon whisk - use a mixer - until it becomes lighter in colour. Similar to milk chocolate. Then you can trowel it on with a palette knife.

Might need double the quantity depending on the size of the cake.

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