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Ideas for using bread crusts....

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PersisFord Fri 15-Sep-17 03:00:03

Hello, I have a boring problem. My kids eat sandwiches 5 days a week and there are 3 of them so we end up with a lot of bread crusts. I used to eat them but am trying v hard to be low carb so I don't want to....but I can't bear the waste. I used to make bread pudding but the twins have now refused to eat raisins. I could make it without, or bread and butter pudding, but nobody is that keen and it seems so silly to use up eggs, butter and milk to make something nobody wants that much so as not to waste bread crusts! Also, we have whole grain bread with loads of added seeds so it's not great pudding fodder.

Are there any more sensible things I could make?

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Bloomed Fri 15-Sep-17 03:08:47

Could you turn them into crumbs?

Bloomed Fri 15-Sep-17 03:10:41

And then you can freeze them/use these recipes

PersisFord Fri 15-Sep-17 03:17:20

That's a good idea. I guess they would be easier to freeze as crumbs too.

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Bloomed Fri 15-Sep-17 04:21:42

I suddenly have a weird craving for bread sauce wink

callmehannahbaker Fri 15-Sep-17 04:46:20

Why can't the children eat them?

PersisFord Fri 15-Sep-17 05:05:36

They eat the crusts round the edge of their sandwiches but not the crust pieces from the end. It comes from the baker thick sliced and so that's 2 slices per loaf, 2-3 loaves per week. It's a lot of bread. I could prob make them eat them but it's a battle I'm not interested enough to take on!!

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Youcanttaketheskyfromme Fri 15-Sep-17 05:11:02

I like the end piece with cheese and toasted.

What about croutons ?

clearsommespace Fri 15-Sep-17 05:23:13

What about bread and cheese pudding? It's a savoury version of bread and butter pudding. I use a recipe in an Usborne kids cooking book.

PersisFord Fri 15-Sep-17 06:10:24

I used to use it for lovely buttery marmite toast. No more!!

Cheese and bread pudding sounds good! They eat loads of cheese sandwiches so hopefully a winner. I'll look it up.

Bread sauce, sadly, is the food of the devil!!!

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AtleastitsnotMonday Fri 15-Sep-17 19:09:05

Cut into strips dip in egg and bake. You end up with kind of eggy bread chips!

Toucancan Fri 15-Sep-17 23:09:08

Another vote for crumbing and freezing!

I use crumbs for stuffed mushrooms, topping for fish pie, or crunchy topping on salmon (pan fry the skin side, flip it, pan fry the other side, flip back and coat with crumbs. Then chuck the whole frying pan into the oven to crisp up until fish is cooked inside. 5 min on 180?. I usually add dill, lemon zest & pepper to the crumbs and keep a separately labelled "fish crumbs" bag in the freezer). All of this not much use if your kids don't like fish grin

Otherwise toast it, cut into soldiers and use for dipping into hommous?

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Sat 16-Sep-17 10:06:12

Cheese pudding is brilliant - I've never been able to find a recipe the same as my mother's, but just fiddle it out. Lots of breadcrumbs, soaked in hot milk, seasoning, mix in 3 beaten eggs and lots of cheese (strong Cheddar) , bake in a not too hot oven, not more than about 180, for at least 45 minutes.
We have NEVER had any left in this house!
Goes well with jacket potatoes and a coleslaw type salad - mine has white cabbage, onion, carrot, celery and apple, plus a little mayonnaise to bind, and there's never any of that left, either.

PersisFord Sat 16-Sep-17 12:57:40

All sound very nice! So far today I have thrown one out for the birds (mouldy), made one pair into cheese tomatoes for DH and crumbed a load. I thought I could fry some crumbs with olive oil and rosemary and use them as a kind of pie topping on the watery and uninspiring chicken casserole I made in the slow cooker for supper tonight.

Thanks everyone! The disaster that is avoidable food waste has been averted!!

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Bloomed Sat 16-Sep-17 12:58:25

I've never had cheese pudding but must try that!

clearsommespace Sat 16-Sep-17 14:50:02

The recipe I use is pretty similar but the stale bread and the cheese are in small chunks. There's a little mustard in the egg and milk mixture and paprika and sliced tomatoes on top.

happysunr1se Sat 16-Sep-17 15:38:18

I mince/chop them up and add to meatballs. Seeded bread is best for this anyway!

Weedsnseeds1 Sun 17-Sep-17 14:25:30

Migas - savoury Spanish dish
Strata - savoury bread and butter pudding type thing
Ribolita - Italian soup
Crumb and use for fish cakes, rissoles, meat balls, crunchy topping for macaroni cheese etc.
I have also made dog biscuits using dried bread crumbs, an egg, bit of oil, roasted pumpkin and flour ( if you have a dog)

AlternativeTentacle Sun 17-Sep-17 14:26:59

save it for home made sage and onion stuffing.

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