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QUICK! I need your favourite BBQ side dishes please?

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BASTARDdryer Wed 13-Sep-17 20:03:17

Preferably of the showstopper impressive, yet incredibly simple to execute variety. And if it can be done the day before all the better!

BBQ is Saturday and my internet shopping arrives Friday. Cooking for 25ish adults and kids, all meat and bread is accounted for.

Can anyone help me please? Pleeeeease?

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Blondie1984 Wed 13-Sep-17 21:59:56

I love Mediterranean veg - peppers, courgettes, red onion, aubergine etc - you can start them off in the oven and then finish them on the BBQ - much prefer these to kebabs - not sure it would make the "showstopper" to look at but tastes amazing

You could do a big couscous//quinoa salad with things like pomegranate seeds, harissa etc - that always looks quite fancy - and things like mango salsa

TyneTeas Wed 13-Sep-17 22:02:31

Salsa salad goes down quite well at a barbecue

Stellato Wed 13-Sep-17 22:03:02

I like buttermilk coleslaw.

I'm not sure if it counts as showstopper though.

Skala123 Wed 13-Sep-17 22:03:57

Sainsbury's pea and mozzarella salad

picklemepopcorn Wed 13-Sep-17 22:04:39

Mediterranean veg in a big foil parcel? Break open the foil from the middle so it looks cool

Oncewaswho Wed 13-Sep-17 22:24:19

Tabbouleh salad. I use Delia's recipe

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 13-Sep-17 22:37:43

this Tex Mex sweet potato salad is really pretty and delicious.
I also like simple bits at bbq's like a tomato, red onion and basil salad with black pepper, rock salt and balsamic and a green salad.

BASTARDdryer Thu 14-Sep-17 06:53:07

Yes, these are what I need! Different salads!

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60percentofthetime Thu 14-Sep-17 07:12:08

Red Cabbage Coleslaw!
1/2 red cabbage, 1 large carrot, 1 large Braeburn apple, all shredded. 1/2 red onion chopped small and 1 stick of celery chopped. Mix together with 2tbsp of mayo, 2tbsp full fat yoghurt, 1 tsp Dijon. Season. Add more mayo mixture if you like, I like it quite dry.
It's a little sharper than normal coleslaws but you can put it in burgers (amazing) as well as on plates.
Have a good BBQ!

Petalflowers Thu 14-Sep-17 07:20:37

Corn on the cob
Potato salad
Tomato salad - buy lots of dirrent types of tomato, small large, different colours, chop and put in bowl with herbs and vinaigrette

greendale17 Thu 14-Sep-17 07:24:20

Potato wedges

StaySexyDontGetMurdered Thu 14-Sep-17 07:26:16

My friend makes these. They are much nicer than they sound and always a talking point.

Crumbelina Thu 14-Sep-17 07:42:44

Get some couscous and make it up according to the packet instructions.

Add in some diced cucumber, tomatoes, feta cheese, chopped olive chopped dill and anything else you fancy.

Add a bit of salt and pepper and then just before serving glug olive oil over it gradually (so it's not too dry and tasteless or too sloppy and oily).

Alternatively you could add cucumber, sun-blush tomatoes, mozzarella and basil or any salad/cheese combination. I've always found couscous to be a bit dry and tasteless but the olive oil really transforms it.

BASTARDdryer Thu 14-Sep-17 19:07:02

I've nabbed a few of these ideas thank you!
We'll have:
tomato salad
veg kebabs
cous cous
corn on the cob
potato salad
tangy coleslaw (sounds ace!)
and a green salad I guess?

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