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Instant Pot as slow cooker, please share your experiences!

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Rhubarbara Sun 10-Sep-17 17:12:47

Finally decided to get a slow cooker and while I know it's not its primary function, I ended up plumping for the instant pot.

Have been googling, however, and it seems that lots of people have had problems using it as a slow cooker - namely that the food wasn't hot or cooked through after 8 hours. People were spectulating that the temperature settings are different and sc "low" corresponds to ip "medium".

I don't know if this is with the older models and the issue has since been resolved - the video tutorial doesn't mention it. The model I have is Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1.

I know that some MNers have used it as a sc - could you please let me know what your experience has been? Am too scared to start using it until I'm sure what to do with it! (Am a sc novice anyway).

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Oncewaswho Sun 10-Sep-17 17:21:41

I've only used it as a slow cooker once or twice, there doesn't seem much point when you can do everything super fast. However I've never set mine going in the morning and left it all day. I would always get it up to temperature first with a blast of high pressure, then turn it to slow and a blast on sauté at the end to thicken up if needed. The slow cook setting is definitely lower than my old slowcooker.

BizzyFizzy Sun 10-Sep-17 17:22:14

I have an Instant Pot but I have never used it as a slow cooker. I already have a slow cooker, and most things can be done in the IP in less that 30 minutes, so I can still have food ready not long after getting in from work.

Not helpful or answering your question, but you've inspired me to try out the slow setting.

JammyChristmas Tue 12-Sep-17 00:05:30

I've used it for pork quite a few times and it worked great on low for 8 hrs. Think it's the duo I have, not the most recent one out anyway.

Rhubarbara Tue 12-Sep-17 08:34:10

Thanks Jammy, that's encouraging; am going to give it a go. Do you use it exactly like a slow cooker - ie leave it on all day, go out etc.?

I also had this message from IP support, in case anyone's interested:

- - - - -
The fundamental difference is as follows - ALL trad slow cookers eventually get to 100c - they heat incredibly slowly to get to that point - could be 7 hours

The IP cooks at a constant temperature - so it gets to that temperature quickly and then stays at that temperature and doesn’t get hotter. The microprocessor maintains the temperature.

So the low - circa 82-86c - stays in that band
Medium - circa 86-92c
High - circa 95 - 99c
Lots of times the lack of heat is also down to the 'timer' button being used on the old models - this actually sets a delay start time - that button has now been renamed with 'delay start'

The IP takes approx. 20 mins to reach temperature as opposed to circa 2 hours - so I would immediately take 1.5 hours off a recipe time

- - - - -

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ItsALardBaby Tue 12-Sep-17 08:41:16

Lots, used to set it going when DS was napping as it wad the only chance to prepare food, works really well, but I've never used a traditional slow cooker for comparison

JammyChristmas Tue 12-Sep-17 08:43:04

Yes, would leave it all day no problem and overnight too! Always turned out perfectly

StatueInTheSky Tue 12-Sep-17 08:49:45

I've used mine as a slow cooker a fair bit.

I would say it was the same as my Morphy Richards large SC which was a "hot thing" and made a lovely casserole in about 4 hours, so fairly quickly for a SC

I've not used it so much since last winter though so a little hazy on the actual settings.

My usual method is to use the saute function to sweat the veg and brown the meat, add stock and whatever else might need to go in, give it the 35 minutes on the "Stew" setting, QR when done, check for thickening/seasoning and then go over to the SC setting and leave it to do its thing until we are ready
Effectively this means I don't have to decide whats for supper until after lunch so much less chance of changing my mind after the SC has been at a Lamb Casserole since 8am and I am heartily sick of the smell of it. grin

I have wondered about setting it to go on stew and then leaving it on the "keep warm" but somehow that doesn't seem decent....maybe I will give that a try, I suppose that would be like a super slow cook setting?? Might be good for chicken breast which can go a bit woolly if it is too long in the SC.

Rhubarbara Tue 12-Sep-17 09:11:56

What I find confusing (bear in mind I've never owned a slow cooker either) is that as far as I can tell, slow cooker recipes always say cook on high or low.

The IP has less, more or normal, and they say that that correlates to low, medium or high - but do slow cookers have medium?! I keep worrying that "less" is basically just "keep warm" which is why people said their food wasn't cooking.

I realise I could be overthinking this grin and should just get on with it... I just don't want to end up with something undercooked and/or awful. I generally like a nice clear set of instructions that I can follow like a robot, and it all seems a bit vague to me!

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Oncewaswho Tue 12-Sep-17 09:16:12

Try the Instant Pot UK FB group, it is extremely helpful.

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