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Baking a cake with no scales

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HastingsLikeTheBattle Sun 10-Sep-17 13:20:55

Can anyone give me a fool proof recipe for a basic sponge that I can make with no scales please? I have some cup measurementsfree with good housekeeping but I don't know how much of each?

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FlukeSkyeRunner Sun 10-Sep-17 17:16:18

Google 'yoghurt pot cake' - no scales required, just a yoghurt pot.

olderandnowiser Sun 10-Sep-17 17:21:57

I don't have scales either, I just google 'how many tablespoons equal 4g' or whatever the amount is.

gluteustothemaximus Sun 10-Sep-17 17:25:13

All American recipes use cup measurements, so I'd look out for those.

Basic sponge are usually equal quantities of flour, butter and sugar.

Couldn't live without my scales! I panic when the battery gets low smile

gluteustothemaximus Sun 10-Sep-17 17:27:19

This one has cup measurements.

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