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Gluten free steak and kidney pudding

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Surfingwhippet Sat 09-Sep-17 15:27:47

If i made pastry using grated beef fat and gluten free flour do you think this would work?
Would it be best to use plain, which it should be, or self raising to help with that fluffy texture you get with suet pastry?

I will be steaming the pudding in the slow cooker

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sun 10-Sep-17 14:08:05

Have you made it yet? smile

Surfingwhippet Sun 10-Sep-17 23:09:15

Not yet. I'm making it Tuesday. I'll let you know how it goes

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LesbianBadger Sun 10-Sep-17 23:27:48

Mostly I've found straight subbing the normal flour and baking powder for a decent gf flour (I like doves) does the trick. If you are using plain flour add xanthan gum at the same rate you would baking powder or bicarb to stop it crumbling. Sr flour often already has it in (check packet)

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