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Panna Cotta

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foodiefil Fri 08-Sep-17 14:34:27

How far ahead would you make it?

I want to make it tonight for tomorrow afternoon...

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Lonoxo Fri 08-Sep-17 21:19:04

Depends on the recipe. I have done pannacota early in the morning e.g. 7am, and it was ready for lunch.

foodiefil Fri 08-Sep-17 21:30:10

I've done it tonight. I wanted 12. I've used Polpo's recipe but without the grappa.

750ml milk
800ml cream
20g leaf gelatine

Heat til nearly boiling



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LoniceraJaponica Fri 08-Sep-17 21:31:27

Did you forget to add sugar?

foodiefil Fri 08-Sep-17 21:32:14

100g caster sugar


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olderandnowiser Fri 08-Sep-17 21:41:35

Maybe it's something I'm doing wrong but I generally find that mine takes at least overnight to really set.

LoniceraJaponica Fri 08-Sep-17 21:45:10

Sounds yummy

foodiefil Fri 08-Sep-17 21:51:32

That's fine with me! @olderandnowiser didn't know if I left it for too long it wouldn't be right.

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Lonoxo Sat 09-Sep-17 08:38:55

The recipe I used had 2 sheets of leaf gelatine in it.

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