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Anyone have a good 'Sweet bites' recipe I should try?

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hairylegsdontcare Wed 06-Sep-17 13:22:55

I'm bored and restless waiting for an overdue baby to make an appearance! It's also raining and I have no transport. So I'm looking for things to do!

Can anyone recommend any good recipes for sweet 'bites'? Think millionaire shortbread or brownies,---- rather than cakes because my cakes are always shite.

Thanks in advance!

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hippadoppaloppagorillapig Tue 19-Sep-17 21:34:55

Tiffin. The allrecipes one works for me every time.

highinthesky Tue 19-Sep-17 21:39:33

Flapjacks. Made with rice pops for that extra crunch factor.

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