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What are your favourite porridge toppings?

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crazypenguinlady Wed 06-Sep-17 07:54:11

Just that really. What to do you like to put on your porridge?

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PotatoesPastaAndBread Wed 06-Sep-17 07:56:33

Apple and cinnamon

OMG it's nearly porridge season! YUM!

Cakescakescakes Wed 06-Sep-17 07:58:24

Maple syrup

tigerdog Wed 06-Sep-17 08:03:50

Bananas, honey and cinnamon or maple syrup and pistachios. I also add some ground flaxseed. I also love summer porridge i.e an overnight oats/Bircher version with grated apple, natural yoghurt and berries, when it's not cold enough for hot porridge.

sparklefarts Wed 06-Sep-17 08:04:38

Or brown sugar

Yum yum

Slartybartfast Wed 06-Sep-17 08:05:11

frozen fruits, mainly cherries and blackcurrents.

EnglishGirlApproximately Wed 06-Sep-17 08:05:29

Banana, honey and cinnamon or sultanas and honey, or maple syrup, or blueberries.
I love porridge, best thing about winter grin

LiveLifeWithPassion Wed 06-Sep-17 08:05:54

I wonder if carrot porridge would work? Like carrot cake?

HerOtherHalf Wed 06-Sep-17 08:06:10

Cream or prunes, not together though.

imnottoofussed Wed 06-Sep-17 08:06:33

Pineapple and cherries

everythingstaken123 Wed 06-Sep-17 10:13:57

I'm on Slimming World so I grate courgette (quite a bit) into my oats (40g) and add Alpro Chocolate Soya drink (200ml). Weird as that is, I absolutely love it! The courgette doesn't really taste, just adds a bit of something and bulks it out and the chocolate milk is chocolatey without too many calories. I have it every day and feel a bit sad if I have to miss it!

sparklefarts Wed 06-Sep-17 11:48:09

Oh everything I may try that!
Do you grate the courgette in as the porridge is cooking?
How much? Half of one ?

everythingstaken123 Wed 06-Sep-17 12:12:38

Sparklefarts - It's really delicious (I think!). It's called Zoats in America (zuchini and oats - although I don't think they put chocolate milk in). It's hard to say how much courgette as they differ so much in size. Basically put it all in a pan and add the courgette then cook. Start off with a small amount and if you like it, add more in next time you make it. I have quite a bit nowadays because I love the fact that it bulks out my porridge and is at least 1 of my 5 (or is it 10) a day. If you are on SW, it counts as your Hex A and B.

everythingstaken123 Wed 06-Sep-17 12:15:17

And even nicer topped with a banana...

QueenFuri Wed 06-Sep-17 12:17:40

Apple and sultanas
Golden syrup
I love thick creamy sweet porridge.

TakeMe2Insanity Wed 06-Sep-17 13:35:29

Frozen raspberries
Almond butter
Blueberry powder

TonicAndTonic Wed 06-Sep-17 13:57:23

Generally I'm quite virtuous and stir frozen berries and mixed seeds into my porridge while I'm making it.

But my favourite would have to be a big spoonful of nutella blush

JDScrubs Wed 06-Sep-17 14:25:31

Honey and frozen fruit cooked down.

pastapestoparmesan Wed 06-Sep-17 14:31:58

I had golden syrup and creme fraiche this morning, it was delicious.

lynmilne65 Wed 06-Sep-17 14:59:45

brown sugar and cream😄

gottachangethename1 Wed 06-Sep-17 20:11:43

I'm a porridge virgin in my 40s. I recently bought a bag of porridge oats. How do I prepare hot porridge?

EnglishGirlApproximately Wed 06-Sep-17 20:30:59

gotta that's a controversial question grin I do oats then half milk half water, purists will tell you just water and salt then others will say all milk

glorious Wed 06-Sep-17 20:34:21

I sometimes mix in cocoa powder and add raisins
Tinned pumpkin and cinnamon and nutmeg
Banana and cinnamon
Frozen berries
Grated apple

MamehaSan Wed 06-Sep-17 20:45:16

Gotta my preference is for 1/2 cup of oats to 1 cup of milk. Heat slowly in a pan whilst stirring, so that the oats go soft and creamy. Much nicer than doing in in the microwave imo, I find that the oats don't soften as much. Add toppings / extras to suit.

EnglishGirlApproximately Wed 06-Sep-17 20:56:34

Agree definitely not in the microwave, stir and heat slowly on the hob to make extremely creamy

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