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Raspberry cake

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FiveMoreMinutesPlease Sun 03-Sep-17 08:29:06

Calling all bakers...
DD wants to make a raspberry sponge cake and ice it for her birthday cake. She is an excellent baker (I'm not) and insists on making all the birthday cakes.
My question is, can she just fold in fresh rapberrries to an normal sponge mix or do we need to adjust the egg, flour, sugar, fat ratio? We'd normally steam ahead and fudge it but as it's her birthday cake I want it as perfect as we can make it.
TIA for any advice.

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WeirdnessOfDoom Sun 03-Sep-17 22:40:12

Aren't they too wet for sponge cake? I'm not an expert but maybe different type of cake with raspberries in it or sponge with raspberry cream that she could still ice on the top. If you don't find the answers try to bake pre-birthday cake to test if it works

MrsChopper Sun 03-Sep-17 22:46:21

I've only ever used raspberries as part of a filling because I thought they might be too wet. Could she not make raspberry jam, soread on the cake with desiccated coconut sprinkled over? That's maybe a bit old fashioned but yummy nonetheless

paradoxicalInterruption Sun 03-Sep-17 22:49:19

This is lovely. Sure you could make double quantities and put in sandwich tins. I've made it with all rap berries before.

TheWoollybacksWife Sun 03-Sep-17 22:53:27

This Raspberry Ripple cake is amazing if you don't mind an un-iced cake.

badbadhusky Sun 03-Sep-17 22:53:52

I had blackberries go mouldy in muffins once - or at least the extra moisture caused a problem. I'd be careful if you need to bake any length of time in advance. I have a friend who purees fresh strawberries into buttercream. Raspberry puree blitzed into buttercream could work.

TheWoollybacksWife Sun 03-Sep-17 22:56:11

This is an iced and decorated cake with a raspberry flavoured frosting. I haven't made it but it looks stunning.

JaneEyre70 Sun 03-Sep-17 23:05:31

Another vote here for the pink whisk raspberry ripple cake. I end up making it at least 3 times a year for various family members, and it turns out perfectly every time. DH had it for his birthday last month! It's a really good foolproof recipe.

MrsChopper Sun 03-Sep-17 23:09:11

I have made a chocolate cake before with white chocolate topping from this recipe . I used hlaf of the topping to sandwich it and spread the other half on top with raspberries. It looked lovely and tasted devine!

Logans Sun 03-Sep-17 23:24:52

I've used them in a wet chocolate cake (not a standard recipe, the centre is molten chocolate) before, just folded in. It was delicious! However it was obvious that the cake was not a standard sponge.

Can't she do a practice cake and just see how it turns out? And post pictures for us smile

FiveMoreMinutesPlease Mon 04-Sep-17 16:27:46

Thanks for all the replies. We just had at shovelling delicately folding in fresh raspberries and it came out really well. I think it will be eaten up too quickly to go mouldy.
I will definitely try some of those ideas soon. They sound delish! smile

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