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Cheap ideas for rhubarb and cooking apples

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Whiskers4 Thu 31-Aug-17 15:07:52

I've been given loads of rhubarb and cooking apples - I'm going to freeze what I can, but just wondered if anyone can give me cheap ideas for using them up. I've got caster sugar, plain and SR flour, a few eggs, custard powder, some milk, no margarine/butter - I guess this is one thing I'll have to buy.

I've got £19 for the rest of this weeks shopping, so don't want to buy many ingredients (especially expensive ones).

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AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 31-Aug-17 16:05:42

Do you have vegetable oil? You can use that instead of marg in apple cake

Blondie1984 Thu 31-Aug-17 21:27:40

The obvious one is apple / rhubarb crumble - you would just need to buy some butter
If you have some stale bread then you can make apple charlotte, an apple cake, apple/rhubarb pie.....and you can never go wrong with a big bowl of stewed apple and custard for pudding smile

Whiskers4 Fri 01-Sep-17 21:32:49

Thanks for your suggestions - I'm going to try the apple cake as I have oil and also will get some butter for the crumble.

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sleepyhead Fri 01-Sep-17 21:38:16

Rhubarb jam is lovely, especially if you add some ginger. You can make rhubarb curd too but I've never tasted it.

tellybear Sat 02-Sep-17 00:19:36

Rhubarb cordial is lovely

Heratnumber7 Sat 02-Sep-17 00:41:24

Rhubarb gin is also lovely.

Heratnumber7 Sat 02-Sep-17 00:42:22

And whole apples, cored then stuffed with mincemeat and marzipan and baked.

pinkdonkey Sat 02-Sep-17 00:45:50

Cobler is a nice variation on crumble but needs a little milk in the topping mixture.

steppemum Sat 02-Sep-17 00:50:29

If you have any jam jars, you can make a really nice rhubarb and apple chutney.
Also rhubarb and ginger cake is great (from BBC website)

oldlaundbooth Sat 02-Sep-17 00:50:48

Apple pie?

Obviously you'll need butter or marg.

oldlaundbooth Sat 02-Sep-17 00:53:00

Try this too, it's called Apple Crisp. Really tasty, like apple crumble but made with oats. You could use rhubarb too instead of apples, but add sugar to the rhubarb obviously.

It's good for breakfast too the day after.

steppemum Sat 02-Sep-17 00:54:46

adding ginger to rhubarb is great in any context actually, it seems to make the sourness more mellow

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