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What are you having for dinner/tea?

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IAmPhilDunphy Thu 24-Aug-17 14:17:08

Not sure what to have but going to asda soon for something so looking for inspiration.

DC's have a friend over so they're just having fish fingers and chips. So just me and DP to cater for

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danTDM Thu 24-Aug-17 14:23:46

Was going to have a stir fry, but now having mushrooms and cheese on toast as feeling lazy and have nice bread in.
Had fish for lunch so not main meal here.

Orangedaisy Thu 24-Aug-17 14:26:27

DCs have friends for tea too -they're having pasta and homemade sauce, with pitta sticks and garlic butter, plus crudités. DP is away so I expect to hoover up leftovers-and there's also a sausage roll in the fridge with my name on it!

Doje Thu 24-Aug-17 14:29:35

Fake Nandos! Got chicken marinating, I'll do some kind of mini roasted potatoes, coleslaw and salad. Yum! It's a favourite for when the kids aren't eating with us as it's too spicy for them.

IAmPhilDunphy Thu 24-Aug-17 14:37:53

orange my fish fingers and chips for the DCS doesnt seem as appealling now..grin.

Fake nandos sounds good

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Orangedaisy Thu 24-Aug-17 14:49:03

They would definitely prefer your offerings grin. We're about to move house so they are finishing the dregs of pasta sauce from the freezer. fish fingers got hoovered up weeks ago!

WaitingForEgg Thu 24-Aug-17 14:49:50

I have some beef in the slow cooker, having beef, oyster sauce, broccoli and steamed rice

TakeMe2Insanity Thu 24-Aug-17 14:49:50

Poached fish, grilled peppers, tortillas, avocado and corriander dip

CaseStudyResearch Thu 24-Aug-17 14:57:29

We've just had a massive lunch, so probably cheese/crackers/charcuterie and then homemade birthday cake made by DH!

Cabininthewoods69 Thu 24-Aug-17 15:06:25

A chicken wing platter and all the little bits in the freezer we seem to have. 1 turkey dino, 3 fish fingers 2 ikea meat balls.

Argeles Thu 24-Aug-17 15:57:15

I was planning on cooking chicken teriyaki with leeks, served with brown rice and a spinach salad.

I went out in the kitchen 15 minutes ago and realised that I'd forgotten to take the chicken out of the freezer this morning to defrost, and when I searched for my leeks, I realised I hadn't ordered them from Tesco! I'll now have to defrost the chicken in the microwave, which I don't like doing, and ask DH to go to the corner shop on his way home for a leek - flipping typical!

IdentifiesAsASloth Thu 24-Aug-17 15:58:52

A massive chicken tikka, smells delicious!
I made too much so we can have biriyani tomorrow for lunch.

SummerRoberts Thu 24-Aug-17 16:02:58

Fajitas tonight. Quorn chicken, peppers, onions and guacamole maybe some refried beans on the side. I'm looking forward to it.

ToEarlyForDecorations Thu 24-Aug-17 16:03:27

Turkey breast steaks baked in stuffing. Served with dry roast potatoes or boiled new potatoes. Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. Instant gravy. Cranberry sauce.

CumbrianExile Thu 24-Aug-17 16:05:11

Apparently it is National Burger day today! So we are having Cheese and Bacon burgers and Salt n Pepper Wedges. I can't wait!

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 24-Aug-17 16:48:59

Cabininthewoods69 that's called freezer tapas!
I've got tuna steaks, so going for a salad and my mum has brought me back a v nice balsamic vinegar from Italy that I will be trying out.

Troika Thu 24-Aug-17 16:53:42

Tonight is chilli and jacket potatoes. And grated cheese. Lots of cheese.

Deianira Thu 24-Aug-17 16:55:20

Eggs in purgatory on toast (pretty sure this was my answer on the last of these threads too...) - quick, as I've got quite a lot of work to do this evening, but relatively healthy and very tasty!

IAmPhilDunphy Thu 24-Aug-17 17:11:20

Is it really burger day?!

Troika you have convinced me and im having chilli and jackets. And all of the cheese. Just what I needed

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KarateKitten Thu 24-Aug-17 17:13:57

Veggie burritos. Homemade guacamole, salsa, black beans and rice, cheese, sour cream. Delicious and you don't miss the meat at all.

flolockwood Thu 24-Aug-17 17:15:41

Veggie jambalaya made with loads of peppers and courgettes and sweet potato fries and probably steamed greens.. grin

Avebury Thu 24-Aug-17 17:25:23

Chicken, leek and pea pasta with a creamy calorie laden sauce

CumbrianExile Thu 24-Aug-17 19:05:51

According to DH it is, but that may just be because he wanted burgers!?

Whatshouldmyusernamebe Thu 24-Aug-17 19:09:51

Beef straganoff with rice and asparagus yum just need to go and make it.

TheScottishPlay Thu 24-Aug-17 19:14:25

Risotto with beetroot and peppers.

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