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How long to defrost a chicken?

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Undecidedexpat Wed 23-Aug-17 12:05:38

Ok, I'm feeling all virtuous as I visited our (not so) local farm and bought some meat which is all traditionally reared. But it is all frozen and now I'm feeling a bit ashamed that I have no idea what to do with it.

I can cope with the mince, chops, etc. But how long (and how) do I defrost a whole chicken? I'm not sure how much it weighs (I'm not at home at the moment and it wasn't written on it) but it was £10 and would be classed as large in a regular supermarket.

Thanks blush

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Namechang31235 Wed 23-Aug-17 12:13:37

Id say 24hours in the fridge

HighlyCompetentExWife Wed 23-Aug-17 12:16:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Undecidedexpat Wed 23-Aug-17 18:19:20

Thank you both. Cook defrosted! That seems like something you are always told not to do...

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