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Flapjack recipe please?

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Candyk Sun 20-Aug-17 11:37:07

I spotted the best flapjack recipe on here a few months ago and it was perfect, however I can no longer find it.

Can someone please give me a fail safe recipe please?

I only know it was oats, sugar, golden syrup & butter - I just need to know the quantities 🙏🏻

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Candyk Mon 21-Aug-17 06:17:14


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averylongtimeago Mon 21-Aug-17 06:41:00

The best flapjack is soup dragons recipe. It has condensed milk in it.

CFranS Mon 21-Aug-17 06:44:16

This one is YUM!

CFranS Mon 21-Aug-17 06:45:54

Sorry, not sure what happened there! Here's a screen shot!

Honkyzeke Mon 21-Aug-17 07:25:07

This is a Mary Berry really simple flapjack recipe, tastes amazing!

Honkyzeke Mon 21-Aug-17 07:26:47

Also I just use whatever sugar I've got, but obviously different sugars give it different flavours.

Elland Mon 21-Aug-17 09:21:13

The biro flapjack recipe is my favourite...

Elland Mon 21-Aug-17 09:21:35

Bero not biro

cantkeepawayforever Mon 21-Aug-17 09:30:15

100g butter
50g sugar
50g golden syrup
200g oats
50g (at least) of anything you'd like to add - all dried fruits work well, as does crystallised / preserved ginger, in which case add a teaspoon of ginger to the basic mix. Seeds - e.g. sunflower or pumpkin - add good texture, but don't go for the full 50g of these or the whole thing will fall apart! Dried apricot + sunflower seeds is a favourite here.

Melt butter, syrup and sugar together. Add oats and additions. Mix well. Press into tin. Bake at 180 degrees for around 15=20 minutes, until a light golden brown. Remove from the oven, press the flapjack down with a fork again (this gives the best squidgy texture). Turn out and cut when cold.

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