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Apples, apples and more apples! Suggestions!

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Fourlittlethings Wed 16-Aug-17 15:22:54

We have an absolute glut of apples this year - a mix of varieties, some Bramley which haven't done well so are limited in number, different eating apples and some which I thought were eating but are very sharp.

There are only so many crumbles I can make but I will freeze some crumble bases but what else can I do? I'm thinking of apple jelly but all the recipes I have googled specify crab apples. Can I try it with my mix? If so, what equipment will I need and does anyone have a foolproof recipe <I have a Lakeland browser open 😉>?


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AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 16-Aug-17 16:26:47

I love apples! Add to all sorts
Grate into coleslaw
Add to potato salad
Parsnip and apple soup
Pork tenderloin with apples and shallots, cooked in cider.

4merlyknownasSHD Wed 16-Aug-17 16:53:10

- Rosehip Jelly (Rosehips not likely to be ready yet but you could make the apple base to put in the freezer, to which you could add the rosehip juice later).
- Base for Rosemary Jelly, Mint Jelly or Sage Jelly (all readily available now).
- Tarte Tatin

YessicaHaircut Wed 16-Aug-17 17:01:27

This recipe for apple loaf cake is lovely! We always have tons from our tree and I made this several times, always went down well. Nice with a handful of sultanas and some chopped nuts chucked in too.

5BlueHydrangea Wed 16-Aug-17 17:04:28

I have the same problem, lots of Bramleys from the allotment. Also LOADS of plums.. Any ideas?

Fourlittlethings Wed 16-Aug-17 17:55:24

Are your plums ready at the moment 5Blue ... our plum tree has borne a grand total of 8 plums but it's the first time we've had fruit on it ajd I have no idea when they ought to be ripe! Was so exicted to see the fruit as another tree grafted on it and there seems to be more of the other leaves than the plum leaves!

4merly ... sounds great but <dumb> question, how do I make the base and the when would I add the mint etc?

The fruit cake looks lovely ... thank you for all the suggestions. I can see me not wanting to ever see another apple in a few weeks!

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mailfuckoff Wed 16-Aug-17 19:26:15

Watching with interest, I've also got load of apples! I've tried to make a spiced apple cake but it didn't look so good

FartnissEverbeans Wed 16-Aug-17 21:23:40

How about applesauce? Pinterest has dozens of recipes for different varieties - planning on trying out a 'carrot cake applesauce' myself!

Blondie1984 Wed 16-Aug-17 21:53:43

Baked apples are delicious with natural yoghurt or custard
Apple strudel
Apple charlotte

If you make apple puree then you can use that to replace some of the butter in baking....

Blondie1984 Thu 17-Aug-17 00:48:07

Apple crisps!

IDismyname Thu 17-Aug-17 06:42:46

As long as the apples are the cooking type - i.e. Bramleys, then you should be fine for any kind of jelly based preserves. I think crab apples are suggested because there are a lot of skins and pips to apple ratio, and skins and pips = pectin, and pectin is the setting agent.

You should be able to store the eating apples if you have the right set up. Pick them, and only use the unblemished ones to store. Wrap each in newspaper and place (not touching each other) on a tray in a shed or outhouse. It should be a frost free place.

That's how they used to do it in the 'olden days'

musicalmama Thu 17-Aug-17 06:59:00

There's an anabel karmel mild chicken curry that uses a couple of apples in it. Sounds weird but is actually really tasty!

brightlightceiling Thu 17-Aug-17 07:11:07

You can make apple chutney (nigella has a nice recipe) and give them to all your friends and family.

brightlightceiling Thu 17-Aug-17 07:11:59

Boboti with apples is nice as well.

4merlyknownasSHD Thu 17-Aug-17 08:47:15

4Little, just 'google'. I found this in 10 seconds.

BlueChampagne Thu 17-Aug-17 12:56:11

Blackberry and apple jam?

Cider ...

oldlaundbooth Thu 17-Aug-17 18:27:50

Canadian apple crisp.

Like apple crumble, but better. Good for breakfast too.

InigoTaran Thu 17-Aug-17 18:28:44

Non alcoholic cider?

oldlaundbooth Thu 17-Aug-17 18:30:13

You can also chuck an apple into most soups /stews, you can't really taste it.

I make massive batches of apple sauce, I use it in loads - with yogurt, on ice cream, in smoothies, with granola.

It's also good weaning food.

TakeMe2Insanity Fri 18-Aug-17 12:56:41

4merly thanks for the apple mint jelly idea. Made some yesterday and it is lovely.

Antaresisastar Sat 19-Aug-17 21:05:41
I've made this apple butter in the past. It is very concentrated so uses loads of apples and it keeps for ages. Lovely on toast but I also put some in apple pies and crumbles and even in mince pies.

BlackForestCake Sun 20-Aug-17 01:04:59

* Non alcoholic cider?*

Fresh pressed apple juice is delicious BUT you need a mill to squeeze the juice out AND it will start fermenting within a few days so you'll have alcoholic cider before you know it!

InigoTaran Sun 20-Aug-17 17:23:55

My mum used to make cider for us as kids ( was more like ginger beer). Think you chop up apples, leave them in a bucket of water for a week and stir every day. Then add sugar and lemon juice, leave for a day, strain, then bottle. Delicious!

karmakameleon Sun 20-Aug-17 19:25:10

Home made yoyos. This recipe is for for strawberry (uses apples as a base) but we've done lots of different flavours, including apple and cinnamon, and all have been a big hit.

pameladoove Sun 20-Aug-17 19:27:44

Apple juice (if you have a juicer)

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