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Has anyone made a mirror glaze cake?

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20thCenturyGirl Wed 16-Aug-17 00:08:31

I am thinking about making a mirror glazed cake for a party. It looks fairly daunting. I have watched several youtubes and read a few blogs. Has anyone tried this and had any success.......or even failure?

They look great but I am wondering how challenging they are. I am a good homebaker and my stuff always tastes ok but I'd just like it to look fabulous for a change!

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Ijustwantaquietlife Wed 16-Aug-17 00:13:25

Does it contain gelatin?

20thCenturyGirl Wed 16-Aug-17 00:31:47

Yes! Something like this one here

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Ijustwantaquietlife Wed 16-Aug-17 09:35:17

Topless baker hmm that puts me right off cake.

Just seems like alot of waste this will make and gelatine always smells like rotting animals so I wouldn't want to eat it

Ifailed Wed 16-Aug-17 09:37:57

You don't have to use gelatin, can use agar agar?

Birdchangedname Wed 16-Aug-17 09:41:55

I have, it was brilliant fun, looked great and tasted of the carnation milk used in the recipe. I did a couple of thin layers, and two different colours. Way better than traditional icing. Plus, if you pour the glaze over the cake but catch the drips on a plate or something under your rack, you can microwave to hear them up and reuse. Do it!

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