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Vegetarian tried and tested

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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 13-Aug-17 17:20:31

Don't think we've had one of these for a while.

Links to excellent veggie recipes?

I'll start with these:

Butter Paneer from Fresh India - as good as anything I've had in an Indian restaurant.

Black pepper tofu by Ottolenghi - I cut down on the butter, chillis and pepper a bit and halve the recipe. Serve it with rice and something green and crunchy like broccoli or pak choi with soy and sesame seeds,

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AtleastitsnotMonday Sun 13-Aug-17 19:56:28

Sweet Potato falafel
Spicy butterbean, chickpeas and BNS stew
Lentil, pepper and spinach balti

TwinningIt Mon 14-Aug-17 15:26:13

Following. I really want to increase the amount of veggie meals we eat so it's good to get ideas from others' favourites. And I have Fresh India, so great to get recommendations from that!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 14-Aug-17 16:00:16

My biggest problem when trying to find new recipes, is that so many veggie recipes rely on tinned tomatoes for the 'sauce' and they are the food of Satan.

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TwinningIt Tue 15-Aug-17 05:40:39

I like this:

whothefuckhas5children Tue 15-Aug-17 06:00:52

Ok so it's a dreaded risotto but I really like I add less lemon than it says and leave the extra on the table for everyone to top up as needed.

whothefuckhas5children Tue 15-Aug-17 06:03:15

This is lovely but does rely on tomatoes (fresh not tinned)

CaptainWarbeck Wed 16-Aug-17 11:21:09

Seconding the black pepper tofu, in fact I might make that again soon, haven't had it for ages. Tastes like a proper restaurant dish (probably the butter).

I made this baked quinoa potatoes and cheese frittata the other day. It's delicious and the quinoa makes it extra filling. Good cold sliced up too.

Zucchini slice is very big here in Australia, handy for picnics or having for dinner with salad.

Another frittata-y thing - corn, cheddar and scallion strata from smitten kitchen. Cheesy with crunchy bread.

Indian aloo matar - spiced peas and potatoes (with no tomatoes to be seen Remus), easy to knock up for a quick lunch and tastes very good

This is a creamy cashew curry which has almond and courgette koftas in and is vegan. It's bloody delicious and goes down well if you're cooking dinner for meat eaters.

All hail Jamie Oliver and his mega tofu burgers, the marmite gives it an umami taste and they hold together well when you bite into them unlike crumbly bean type burgers.

HFW's spinach/zucchini 'spouffle' is also good from Veg Every Day, and ricotta gnocchi are another fairly easy lunch meal - just eggs, ricotta and flour, no faffing about ricing potatoes.

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