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4yo will not eat any form of bread.

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milkyjo Thu 10-Aug-17 18:29:38

Anybody got any ideas for sandwich substitutes?

DD is 4 and will not eat any bread, toasted or not, pitta, pizza (she will scrape off the topping), wraps - basically anything to do with bread. Even beans on toast she will scrape off the beans and leave the toast. DS is fine with sandwiches, pizza, everything, he's a great eater. DD is very fussy about most dinners also but she will usually eat 2/3 things on her plate (but we are very limited for meal ideas). So tonight she has had a slice of chicken and a slice of cheese and a satsuma. And nothing else. I'm really struggling for ideas for tea as kids usually have main meal at lunch.

Alternatives I have tried and failed are:
Malt loaf - sometimes though
Hot cross buns/teacakes

I am reluctant to give her more pasta if she has had it at lunch.

Thanks for any ideas x

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starfishmummy Thu 10-Aug-17 18:50:47

I wouldn't worry about whether she has the same thing twice in a day. Just cook extra pasta at lunch, get it in the fridge and then serve as pasta salad for tea. Pasta and bread are both wheat products so they're not that different anyway

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Thu 10-Aug-17 18:55:52

Rice or pearl barley are nice alternatives to pasta. Or Ryvita (crispbreads or crackers) for no prep option. Have you tried breadsticks with a dip?

isthistoonosy Thu 10-Aug-17 18:57:11

What about rice, noodles, couscous, bulgar wheat, potatoes (boiled, jackets, mash, etc etc).

milkyjo Thu 10-Aug-17 19:57:37

She will eat breadsticks and she likes humous so that's an idea. She won't eat rice for a main meal let alone cold for tea. I take the point about wheat based food, when i eat toast for breakfast and sandwich for lunch. I think i'm just worried about her getting hungry due to lack of carbs!

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Ropsleybunny Thu 10-Aug-17 20:00:30

Does she like potatoes? A small jacket potato with cheese goes down a storm in our house.

CakeAndChocolate Thu 10-Aug-17 20:01:29

Will she eat pastry? Pinwheels made from ready rolled puff pastry are nice and easy and you can use normal pizza/sandwich fillings.

millifiori Thu 10-Aug-17 20:02:02

Try different carbs. Mash with the chicken, chips with ham, baked potato with beans and cheese, breadsticks with humous if she eats them, unsalted tortilla chips.

Will she eat sweet carbs? Can you try a slice of plain vanilla sponge after dinner to fill her up?

If she eats pasta, having it often is fine. It's just carbs.

InvisableLobstee Thu 10-Aug-17 20:11:43

Potatoes are a good carb and one of the most nutritious. Easy to cook a bit extra and reheat or use good quality frozen ones.

FinallyHere Thu 10-Aug-17 20:16:09

How is she with green vegetables, like spring greens, spinach, leeks? I much prefer these to rice/bread etc. I think they provide vitamins and bulk. If you are eating green veg, i see no need for bread.

Blondie1984 Fri 11-Aug-17 01:43:23

Have you tried her with hot cross buns/tea cakes or crumpets?

Blondie1984 Fri 11-Aug-17 01:54:18

Sorry just saw you have tried those

AtleastitsnotMonday Fri 11-Aug-17 08:47:29

If she will eat breadsticks try cutting pitta bread into com wide strips and baking in the oven until it's really crisp (snaps when you bend it). Serve with a dip (humous, guacamole, cream cheese) etc.
You can do similar with bagels, cutting them into tiny round disks. They are a bit like crisps when baked.

Ropsleybunny Fri 11-Aug-17 14:09:27

My mum makes the most delicious potato cakes with left over mashed potatoes and flour. She makes a dough, rolls it out and cuts them into individual cakes. They're fab warm with butter on. She sometimes adds cheese which is even more yummy.

AtleastitsnotMonday Fri 11-Aug-17 15:26:12

How about pancakes?

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