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Ideas for healthy veg filled post-cancer meal plan for traditional fussy eater mother

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AppalachianWalzing Thu 10-Aug-17 12:43:00

My mum has had a very bad few years health wise: cancer, blood pressure problems, liver and gallbladder problems - basically she's been very unwell.

She's asked for help with coming up with a meal plan so she can eat more healthily, and I know the traditional Mediterranean diet is great for cancer prevention. The problem is she is an incredibly picky, traditional eater. Growing up we had meat, potatoes, and two out of carrots/broccoli/peas for pretty much all meals. She won't eat rice, pasta, anything containing pretty much any spices that come with yellow tops (so any form of cumin, paprika, curry). She eats a huge amount of bread in the form of toast. She will eat things like quiches, the most adventurous food I've managed to get her on after years of trying is risotto. So basically, her diet is quite carby and often meat-focused with few vegetables at the moment, and far too many biscuits/treats in lieu of cooking a proper meal.

Does anyone have any ideas or tips on how to turn it around? She's been given standard dietician advise but it's really about coming up with tasty meal ideas that I can maybe cook for her and then if she likes them get her to put in a rotation. Any ideas/suggestions for soothing healthy food would be wonderful.

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Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Thu 10-Aug-17 12:57:38

What about things like steamed salmon , new potatoes with asparagus and tenderstem broccoli could serve with a bit of parsley sauce , chicken portions with salad , filled jacket potatoes and replacing biscuits and cakes with fruit and low fat yogurts , instead of having lots of toast she could have poached egg and tomatoes on one slice of wholemeal toast rather than two slices which is probably being eaten with lots of butter and jams / marmalades, fresh soup is a healthy light lunch and a big pot could be made in advance and frozen she might like soup like leek and potato or scotch broth nice and traditional but tasty , if you have a slow cooker you could make a stew in the morning to be eaten later but try and avoid having it with bread or dumplings

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 10-Aug-17 13:59:25

How about something like a fritata? Potatoes, egg, veg, fairly everyday foods.
Does she eat fish? Homemade fishcakes, or a piece of white fish with a lemon and breadcrumb crust.

ExplodedCloud Thu 10-Aug-17 14:11:22

You could roast a small tray of chopped veg like new potatoes, asparagus, baby carrots or other baby root veg and serve with fish/chicken and a creme fraiche and mustard sauce.

Blondie1984 Thu 10-Aug-17 16:35:23

Check out a lady called Jane Clarke - she is a nutritionist who specialises in conditions like cancer and there are lots of recipes on her website

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