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What can I make with crab apples other than jelly?

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moreismore Wed 09-Aug-17 18:11:07

Just that really... I have two trees rammed with them I don't think I can be bothered with all the straining.

Has anyone made chutney? Do you have to core them or can you just bung them in whole?

Can you tell my conscience is battling with my enthusiasm here?! grin

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Hoppinggreen Wed 09-Aug-17 18:13:47

DH is currently making wine with some, it's not ready yet but I had a sample last night and it was awful

LilaBard Wed 09-Aug-17 18:22:06

Oooh I was trying to figure this out last night so I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread!

oldlaundbooth Wed 09-Aug-17 18:23:44


MIL makes crab apple jelly and I always struggle to use it.

Just give up the guilt and have a brandy, OP.

Crumbs1 Wed 09-Aug-17 18:24:51

Pickle them
You can use in baking like bread and butter pudding or tarte tatin.

ProfYaffle Wed 09-Aug-17 18:30:00

You can use crab apple jelly as a base and flavour it with other things. I've made sloe and port jelly, rose hip jelly and lavender jelly.

Have you actually tasted them raw? Some are very hard and sour, I'm not sure you could use those without processing them quite heavily. Some are just tart like cooking apples. If they're the latter type you can cook with them, the pickling suggestion below is good too, especially if you add cinnamon and cloves.

Hotdognoketchup Wed 09-Aug-17 18:37:23

Pinterest is your friend here, I have made apple butter in my slow cooker. But this is not a low faff option. If you don't want to use them leave them for the wildlife, I believe they are a valuable food source for them.

Letitrain Wed 09-Aug-17 19:39:01

Hoppinggreen. 😀

Hoppinggreen Wed 09-Aug-17 20:18:02

It's his new hobby, he's made totally vile undrinkable wine out of all sorts
We are currently on daily blackberry picking duties - would be quicker and easiervto just chuck them straight down the drain!!!

Letitrain Wed 09-Aug-17 21:44:08

Sloes will be ready soon grin

moreismore Wed 09-Aug-17 23:09:20

Thanks all! Sounds like brandy and wait for sloes could be the way forward!!

Will have a nibble of one and see if I can put to any use... if not I will leave for wildlife (although this requires continual toddler policing as he's determined to choke on one!)

I'll let you know if I come across any dazzling recipes that are non-alcohol based (don't exist)

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newtlover Wed 09-Aug-17 23:14:07

you can make something similar to sloe gin- crab apples, cinnamon, sugar and cheap brandy

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