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Cheap sparkling wine - recommendations

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FogCutter Mon 09-Jul-18 00:24:24

Aldi cremant de Jura is lovely, far nicer than any prosecco I've had.

ClosedAuraOpenMind Mon 09-Jul-18 00:13:49

aldi organic prosecco

Troubleandstrifebagforlife Tue 19-Jun-18 22:07:52

A French cremant really classy think it’s around £8.00 on offer in Waitrose at the mo
Congrats !!!

Bemusedandpuzzled Tue 08-Aug-17 08:48:25

So, my lovely BIL is getting married and DH and I are paying for the fizz for a toast as a present. It's a fairly big do, so we are looking at around 45 bottles. Price per bottle needs to be £8ish.

We are doing a blind tasting for them this weekend. What 6 bottles should I include?

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