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Freezable recipes for fussy toddlers

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user1473602935 Mon 07-Aug-17 10:38:35

My non-foodie 2.5 year old is finally sometimes eating my home cooked food! I'm delighted as all I could get in her until now was fish fingers and spaghetti hoops, but she's just started eating mash, sausages and pasta

Tell me some fail safe easy good recipes you know that freeze well. Thanks!

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AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 07-Aug-17 17:11:29

Homemade fish cakes
Sausage casserole
I'd make a big batch of a basic tomato sauce to heat up with pasta
Maybe try with a sausage and pasta bake.
If she will eat mash try cottage pie.
Homemade bean burgers freeze well

moggle Tue 08-Aug-17 14:45:03

I make a big batch of macaroni cheese and cook some of it in ramekins and then freeze for DD. I try and sneak some veg in there too... It microwaves from frozen in about 2-3 mins.
I also freeze small portions of mash. I have even frozen cooked sausages for her but they sometimes can be a bit hit and miss.
I'm praying my DD is starting to get a bit more adventurous at 2y9m. Latest hit is pasta with red pesto, I'm hoping it could be a gateway to tomato sauces which she has outright refused since about 12m (except for ketchup of course...)

user1473602935 Tue 08-Aug-17 18:52:18

Thanks - good idea re sausage casserole and red presto (As she's rejected green pesto)

Macaroni cheese is one thing she will happily eat. I hadn't considered I Could freeze pasta

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comeagainforbigfudge Wed 09-Aug-17 22:06:13

Oooh we picked a carton of heinz pasta sauce the other week from morrisons. Same sauce as in spaghetti hoops but without the pasta. Not tried it yet but might help in the enternal quest to get the small fry to eat more..... hmm worth a shot?

Can't get a link to work but google :heinz kids pasta sauce" and it should come up.

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