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Healthy desserts

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MelvinThePenguin Sat 05-Aug-17 19:53:10

Just looking for ideas for healthy things I can give DD1 (2yo) for dessert.

At the moment I do everything I can possibly think of with plain yoghurt (on its own, fruit/nuts chopped or puréed in, frozen into 'ice cream') or she has all kinds of fruit (mango, strawberries, grapes, banana, passion fruit, pineapple...).

I wondered whether there were some other things I could try for variety. I'm not adverse to the odd sugary, stodgy, tasty treat, but obviously not every day.

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Blondie1984 Sun 06-Aug-17 00:26:50

I really like baked apples, peaches or plums with natural yoghurt or custard -or you can stew them if you prefer
You could make jelly
2/3 ingredient pancakes

FlukeSkyeRunner Sun 06-Aug-17 08:18:26

Homemade rice pudding? You can freeze it in portions. You only need to use a tiny bit of sugar, or none at all if you're little one isn't used to it. Baked fruit, sugar free cakes (sugar free banana bread works really well), raisin bread (if you make your own you can make with very little/no added sugar). Or don't have puddings every day.

MelvinThePenguin Sun 06-Aug-17 08:28:14

Ooh good ideas, thanks! I'm going to try all of these.

No pudding would mean I have nothing to bribe persuade my daughter to eat her vegetables!

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