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I have never made lasagne

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user1473069303 Sun 06-Aug-17 14:27:41

I put a layer of bechamel on the bottom and make the bechamel by whisking cornflour in cold milk and gradually heating it up. I haven't got the hang of making it with normal flour, it always goes lumpy for me.

twofloorsup Sun 30-Jul-17 14:10:43

@PopcornNRedwine it's too easy to just grab a sandwich isn't it.
My son wants to go to uni and I don't want him living on pot noodle because I didn't teach him a few basics.

Wh0Kn0wsWhereTheTimeGoes Sun 30-Jul-17 12:51:08

I make the ragu quite wet so the liquid soaks into the pasta sheets. Always oil the dish and use lasagne sheets as the bottom layer, makes it easier to serve. Lots of very thin layers, I aim for 4 or 5 layers each of pasta, ragu and bechamel. love making bechamel but use Delia's quick method if I'm in a hurry, I don't like the flavour of creme fraiche in lasagne.

PopcornNRedwine Sun 30-Jul-17 12:45:05

Fantastic twofloorsup

I'm not bad as far as cooking goes but I've found that a lot of regular food, like lasagne, I have never made before. I'm trying to get out of a lunch and dinner rut

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twofloorsup Sun 30-Jul-17 10:15:14

I taught my 14 year old son to make this yesterday. He did a really good job smile

PopcornNRedwine Sun 30-Jul-17 09:30:39

Yeah it's a bit sloppy. But that's ok. My next one will be great.

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PopcornNRedwine Sun 30-Jul-17 09:24:04

I'm doing some batch cooking rookie. Thinking now I should just stick with my usual soup or chilli. Thank you for the tip of crime fraiche and cheese. Will do that next time.

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rookiemere Sun 30-Jul-17 08:58:44

Oh and i make it the day before so thI sauce has time to mix with the sheets.
Why are you cooking it so early?

booellesmum Sun 30-Jul-17 08:58:41

Lasagne is awesome.
The first time I made it was at school and it was crispy (sheets only part cooked as not in long enough). I still get teased about that 30 years later - and I make great lasagne now. Every single time I put it on the table someone will ask if it's crispy!

Crumbs1 Sun 30-Jul-17 08:57:53

Yes uncooked sheets of pasta. I always make my bechamel quite thick so I get a firm result. Too much liquid results in a floppy, spoon it out type result that isn't as nice as one that cuts neatly.
Just a ragu and the bechamel, layer and finish with bechamel and cheese - assuming you are doing beef lasagne.

rookiemere Sun 30-Jul-17 08:57:38

I will share my lasagne life hack for future times.

Don't bother making a white sauce - instead I use a mixture of creme fraiche and grated cheese. Means that making lasagne takes about 10 mins more than spag bol instead of hours and a bit lighter to the taste.

PopcornNRedwine Sun 30-Jul-17 08:55:03

Ah ok. Thank you everyone.

It's cooking just now. It smells good. So fingers crossed it's at least edible. Can't believe this is the first time I've made this.

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joopy79 Sun 30-Jul-17 08:52:16

It'll be fine! And if it's not, it was your first go! I try to make sure that the pasta sheets are all covered in sauce otherwise they go crispy.

sooperdooper Sun 30-Jul-17 08:49:54

The sheets are supposed to cover each layer! smile

sooperdooper Sun 30-Jul-17 08:48:58

Yes I put the lasagna sheets in uncooked, I find the trick is to cook it on low for a long time do they cook through smile I usually do a base layer of the bolognase - I wish I had lasagna to cook today!!

PopcornNRedwine Sun 30-Jul-17 08:46:56

I'm 31 years of age and today I've made lasagne for the first time.

It's in the oven, but I reckon it's a disaster.

Is it ok that I put the sheets in uncooked?
The sheets mainly cover my layers. Should I have made the sheet layers more perfect?
What layer do you put at the bottom?

I will not be beaten by lasagne! 😂

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