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Good basic biscuit recipe

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TepidCat Thu 27-Jul-17 17:00:00

My 2yr old enjoys making biscuits that we can cut up (i.e. use cutters rather than just drop mixture like you do when making cookies). I've tried a few recipes but none which seems to have a good combination of taste and ease of cutting/rolling

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TepidCat Thu 27-Jul-17 17:00:17

Any ideas

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iklboo Thu 27-Jul-17 17:08:39

here's a basic one you can add flavours too

SerfTerf Thu 27-Jul-17 17:10:54

Buttery biscuits are better smile

SerfTerf Thu 27-Jul-17 17:12:05

Here's a good one;

onemorecakeplease Mon 31-Jul-17 19:32:35

Shortbread stars or cheese stars

4oz butter
4oz plain flour
2oz cornflour
2oz icing sugar (or Parmesan)
Add seasoning for cheese ones

Mix it all together - takes a while to come together into a ball
Roll out to pound coin width cut out into stars or hearts and bake at 180 for 12-15 mins til pale gold colour.

Sprinkle with sugar while hot if you make the shortbread version

Keep for ages too if they get the chance!

blamethecat Mon 31-Jul-17 19:36:05
Makes a shit load, but I usually halve the recipe.

TepidCat Tue 01-Aug-17 09:53:36

Thanks for the ideas. We will have fun trying them out!

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