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Meals that keep well in the fridge

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Summerdays2014 Thu 27-Jul-17 12:28:53


My 18 month old son will be going to nursery once a week during the holidays. I'm planning on doing lots of cooking on that day so that we all have things to eat during the week and I don't have to cook every day.

What keeps well in the fridge and for how long?

Looking for main meals, light lunches and snacks! Freezing not really option.

Thanks in advance.

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Wormulonian Thu 27-Jul-17 16:14:39

Most Gujarati/Indian curries keep well as do stews, chilli and tagines - the flavour often improves after a day. If using rice to go with them I would make that fresh.

Calphurnia Thu 27-Jul-17 16:16:03


Crispdeficiency Thu 27-Jul-17 16:28:43

The flavour of chilli improves the next day; same with most casseroles. Personally, I only keep things for three days in the fridge though.

Soups keep well for lunch.

I buy two different types of melon for snacks and peel and chop them in to cubes and then keep in airtight container with lemon juice and a tiny bit of sugar; this last for three days.

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 27-Jul-17 19:23:01

I made a pasta bake on Monday that was finished off tonight and still tasted great.
Onions, garlic, mushrooms, red and yellow peppers fried off with some chopped bacon. Add a tin of chilli beans, can of chopped tomatoes, a bit of tomato purée, good glug of balsamic and some mixed Italian herbs. Let it all cook down for a bit then add cooked pasta. Put in oven proof dish and top with grated cheese and breadcrumbs. Bake for 20 mins.

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