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Which air fryer should I buy?

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HughLauriesStubble Tue 25-Jul-17 22:27:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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DownUdderer Wed 26-Jul-17 04:36:37

I'm so intrigued with air fryers! How do they've work? Are the chips good? Can you do your own home cut chips? Thanks for any info! I'd love to get one!

Glastokitty Wed 26-Jul-17 04:55:10

I have a Phillips XL and bloody love it. My mum hated her actifry and replaced it was a Kogan, she loves it, although she says it is slower than mine. A lot cheaper though. Mine makes absolutely amazing chips and I can roast a chicken in 35 minutes, I wouldn't be without it.

muggymum Wed 26-Jul-17 05:45:43

I'm on my 3rd actifry and we love it. Use it almost daily. They only seem to last about 18 months though. Chips gorgeous!

thebigbluedustbin Wed 26-Jul-17 06:52:00

I have nothing useful to add, i just mis read air fryer as hair dryer and when I read the OP thought that I was missing out on a wonderful repurposing of the hair dryer.

HughLauriesStubble Wed 26-Jul-17 08:13:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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00100001 Wed 26-Jul-17 08:18:55

We have this style one (expect not digital)

It's bloody brilliant. We use it instead of the oven (ours currently hasn't been plugged in for 4 months)

We have the cake pan insert this group too and have made the following very successfully

Full Roasts (roast the joint and then put in par boiled potatoes to roast whilst joint rests)

Lasagne (in pan attachment)


Pasta bakes


Chips and wedges and such are bloody brilliant cooked in this

Sausages cook nicely and quickly

Chicken drumsticks etc come out really "juicy"

Next this I am going to try is some sort of casserole dish like chicken

00100001 Wed 26-Jul-17 08:20:26

JaneEyre70 Wed 26-Jul-17 08:20:47

We had the Phillips one and I loved it, cooked evenly and quickly and it was probably the most used gadget in my kitchen. I'm vegetarian so it was really handy to cook the meat for the rest of the family in. But when that died, I stupidly bought a cheap one off Amazon, think it's a Tower and it is beyond crap. It scorches the top whilst not cooking the underneath, it's already scratched all over the bottom and showing rusty patches and I can't tell you how disappointed I am with it. Next one will be the Phillips, I can promise!! They are very cook for baking cakes in too on a low heat, get a small square foil tray to place inside the basket and use on it around 160c.

Glastokitty Wed 26-Jul-17 13:15:17

Ok full disclosure on the Phillips XL. I actually won it, and the first one I got died after three months. There is a two year guarantee so they posted me a new one. This one smokes a bit, but it's not really an issues, and I believe the new models don't smoke at all. It is the most used piece of kitchen equipment I own, it's on every day and I will buy another when it dies, I lent to a friend with a broken oven for a week and we were lost without it. My mum has had an Actifry for years and hated it because of the paddle, when she visited me she fell in love with the XL but couldn't justify the price and bought a Kogan which she loves but says it is a fair bit slower and obviously not as powerful. It makes amazing chips and wedges from scratch, only a teaspoon of oil. It roasts a chicken in 35 minutes, juicy on the inside with crispy skin. Another favourite is bacon and egg muffins in 7 minutes, incredibly juicy steaks, and anything you would deep fry cooks fast with very little oil. You can even boil eggs and make cakes in it. We hardly ever switch the oven on, so it's economical too. I'm in Oz and know lots of people take them in their camper vans to replace an oven. It's really one of those things you don't know you need until you get one, then you can't do without it. grin

HughLauriesStubble Sat 29-Jul-17 14:24:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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