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Size and flavour questions

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KanyesLunchbox Tue 25-Jul-17 19:21:37

I'm making cakes to feed approx 30. I was going to do two, one a lemony Madeira and the second a Nigella chocolate cake. I should probably do each as an 8inch shouldn't I? And what would you think of a raspberry cream cheese icing i refuse to call it frosting on the chocolate cake?

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4merlyknownasSHD Wed 26-Jul-17 09:56:48

Raspberry Cream Cheese icing sounds great, for either of them. Also, three cheers for "Icing" rather than "Frosting".

KanyesLunchbox Wed 26-Jul-17 12:09:50

grin I also refuse to bake cupcakes. It's buns all the way round here!

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