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Friends coming to stay - what to feed them?

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BonApp Fri 21-Jul-17 22:08:01

4 days worth of food ideas needed please (though we may have lunch/dinner out once or twice). I've had a lot on my mind this week and now last minute meal planning...

Any ideas for meals that will be easy for 8 people (including 4x under 6's) and quick?

So far thinking:

Breakfast: pancakes, cereal, egg on toast
Lunch: tuna pasta, baguettes
Dinner: spag bol, curry, fajitas, BBQ if weather nice enough

It all just feels a bit average and what we would eat without guests (ie dull midweek dinners), so if there's any salads or sides I can froof things up a bit with that would be great. Or other ideas for decent but easy/quick entertaining ideas very welcome!!!!

Thank you.

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NotAPenguin Fri 21-Jul-17 23:47:57

I also have friends coming to stay, same set-up but kids a bit older. Our friends are very plain eaters and food at their house isn't great so I am fairly relaxed about it, so no very exciting ideas but here's what I have.

Breakfast - smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and bagels one day, possibly bacon butties, cook from frozen croissants.

I have chilli (prob served as make your own burritos), toad in the hole (not v seasonal I know), slow roast pork (with a summer slaw, potato salad and bread rolls). Might get curry takeaway one night.

Was planning to make a pavlova, big fruit salad, have mini magnums.

Also on standby jacket potatoes and have picnic ingredients.

BonApp Sat 22-Jul-17 08:34:12

Ooh good luck penguin and some lovely ideas. We live abroad so can't get all the things you mention and have the added 'pressure' of my friend being the most amazing host who does fabulous recipes all the time. I know she won't care but still!!

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AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 22-Jul-17 13:56:05

If you can't get hold of frozen pastries breakfast can you get ready made puff? Really easy to make cinnamon and raisin swirls if you can, make a lovely breakfast treat.
I also do a big fruit platter, serve again at lunch if you have leftovers.
I think your menu sounds fine. Maybe a nice cheese board to have with baguettes and maybe a coronation chicken salad to fill them with if people would prefer. Could also do a quiche or fritata for a bit of variation. Plate of crudités with some hummus, onion and garlic dip. Nice crisps, jobs a good un!
Simple salad and garlic bread or dough balls with your spaghetti Bol, guacamole, salsa, sour cream maybe some tortilla chips with fajitas.
Popodoms, onion bhajis, naan and mango chutney with curry (cheat with the sides if necessary)
For the BBQ marinated chicken skewers, if you're fish eaters a side of salmon on the BBQ tends to go down well, nice bread, sweet potato salad, watermelon and feta salad, maybe a roasted veg and cous cous salad, homemade coleslaw.
If you have time I think a homemade cake is always a nice touch if you have guests.

CherokeeJack Mon 24-Jul-17 09:06:24

Some fab suggestions...have loads of ideas as well.

Of the top of my head...for breakfast/tea you could do like an English breakfast? Eggs benedict with hot buttered English muffins, with smoked salmon and topped with some lovely hollandaise sauce?
Hot croissants with tea/coffee?

Do you have an Iceland near you? When I was in London, I spotted a lot of platters ideal for party food and quite a lot of frozen finger food...things like mini quiches, mini pizzas, mini cheese and onion rolls, mozzarella sticks etc. They're nice for buffets etc.

You could also make dough balls and serve it with garlic butter. And also make your own pizzas? So everyone can add whatever topping they want?

Asian/Arab curries and soups are also good and they taste even better the next day so you could make it a day in advance etc. You could also make or buy your own samosas and spring rolls which are quite nice with a mint and yogurt chutney/sauce or just ketchup.

wobblywonderwoman Mon 24-Jul-17 09:09:52

I saw a nice idea - cocktails sticks: thread a cherry tomato, mozzarella mini ball and basil leaf. Then serve a large green salad (could add strawberries and cashew nuts) and I often buy chicken breasts on the bone and slow roast so the skin goes crispy

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