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Courgette overload

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JudyBlumeForever Tue 18-Jul-17 19:23:11

A few months ago there was a courgette shortage so I planted a seed in my garden. It must have been a mutant super seed as a) it survived my gardening and b) it's producing copious amounts of courgettes averaging 2 a day. I am now sick of them, my neighbours are politely declining more than one or two a week, and it feels wrong binning them

What is your favourite courgette recipe? Are they freezable? How can we eat kilos of courgettes a week and not get bored of them?

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StreetSpirit Tue 18-Jul-17 19:26:09

Courgette/chocolate muffins! Sounds grim - taste amazing grin Loads of recipes online.

MoMandaS Tue 18-Jul-17 19:27:18

Courgette cake (can freeze). Thinly sliced courgette on puff pastry with quiche like base, so couple of eggs, milk, maybe some cream cheese, whisked together and poured over pre-cooked pastry, cook until set, then add courgettes, drizzle of oil, sprinkle of salt, cook again until courgettes look crinkly. Courgette salad (Jamie Oliver recipe) - shave into ribbons, mix with red chilli, lemon, mint and mozzarella.

jacketej Tue 18-Jul-17 19:29:37

Courgette and tomato bake? Sliced toms and cours, splash of olive oil, garlic and Parmesan, whack it in oven or microwave and booom.
Breadcrumb stuffed courgettes?

EmilyAlice Tue 18-Jul-17 19:30:33

Sauté lightly in oil with garlic until golden. Add a good splosh of balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, raisins and pinenuts. Cook until vinegar has almost disappeared. Serve warm or cold.

Lunaballoon Tue 18-Jul-17 19:32:07

Char- grillled courgette salad - slice courgettes on the diagonal. Heat griddle pan till hot, put as many courgette slices on the pan in a single layer, cook until you get nice charred lines on both sides. Place on a platter, sprinkle liberally with lemon juice, olive oil, torn up mint leaves and broken up feta cheese. A few peas or broad beans mixed in also work well.

CerealShopper Tue 18-Jul-17 19:33:46

Chocolate courgette cake from the BBC Good Food website is amazing. Am eagerly awaiting a glut of courgettes just so that I have an excuse to make this

TheDuckSaysMoo Tue 18-Jul-17 19:34:22

Ooh - definitely courgette cake. Same idea as carrot cake.

Tempura courgette is lovely too.

LowGravity Tue 18-Jul-17 19:36:55

Courgette and cream cheese soup, it's divine. Then you can freeze it in batches.

Laska5772 Tue 18-Jul-17 19:39:28

Ha ha ha ! What !!?? Only two a day? I have 4 plants - came home from a holiday this last weekend to find 30 courgettes in my fridge ! (that I am told was one weeks worth!) and ive just picked nine more today......

I'll be making these :
courgette pickle
courgette filo pie
Greek courgette fritters

You can also grate them (drain with a little salt) and freeze for later and add to recipes . Chilli. / bol sauce,/ more courgette fritters/ courgette cake.

Also planning on taking some to work and putting a box outside my front gate ..

Laska5772 Tue 18-Jul-17 19:40:04

Now what to do with all the runner beans.....?

Lunaballoon Tue 18-Jul-17 19:41:07

Ooh yes to tempura courgettes! Anything coated in batter and deep fried is bound to be a winner!

wellhonestly Tue 18-Jul-17 19:42:25

Courgette bread/ cake is lovely.
You can cook courgettes into puree (soup) and freeze that.
There are 4 courgette recipes on this facebook clip in amongst some other lovely veggie things.

Titsywoo Tue 18-Jul-17 19:43:43

Courgette question - what colour are yours? Ours are growing fast but I was assuming they would be dark green like in the shops. They are a much paler green. Are they still ok to eat at this stage?

FadedRed Tue 18-Jul-17 19:44:03

Put them in the waste disposal/garden waste bin.
Nasty, slimy, tasteless little buggers.
Don't grow them again.
A courgette free world is a happy world. grin

JeffStellingsLeftEyebrow Tue 18-Jul-17 19:44:36

Chop up a few courgettes, few cloves of garlic, load of olive oil - cook down til basically a purée. Top with mint and yoghurt and scoff with bread/crackers. Also can peel them very thinly with veg peeler, toss in oil and lemon and use as a raw salad/side.

ScrambledSmegs Tue 18-Jul-17 19:45:01

Courgette ribbons with almond pesto is divine.

Just make sure you don't over-process the dressing otherwise you'll end up with almond butter instead! Just a couple of quick whizzes is enough.

ScrambledSmegs Tue 18-Jul-17 19:47:01

It's also good cut into thin spaghetti-like pieces and given a really quick stir-fry in a little oil with garlic, chilli flakes and lemon zest. Season well and squeeze over lemon.

The one thing I hate is soggy courgette so I rarely cook it though. I much prefer it raw.

averylongtimeago Tue 18-Jul-17 19:52:30

I have 3 plants- one has yellow fruit and the others green. My neighbour grows some pale green ones.
We have eaten at least one every day, there are 10 in the fridge and at the last count there were at least 10 lurking on the garden.
The trick is to pick them small, I think they are nicer then and don't just turn to mush.
If you miss one or 3 then stuffed courgettes are a tasty way to disguise them. Split in half , hollow out a trough and fill with a very tasty filling. Bake 20 mins. Not too long or they will turn to mush.

If you still have some left, chop up and freeze. They will bulk out stews and things later.

Chelsea26 Tue 18-Jul-17 19:52:55

Garlic, Parmesan courgetti.

Cook garlic gently in butter then add courgetti, when cooked throw in a handful of Parmesan.

Can add a finely chopped red chilli for a change if you fancy

NameChanger22 Tue 18-Jul-17 19:53:55

Fry 2 chopped courgettes with an onion until golden, add a dessert spoon of sweet chilli sauce and fry a bit more. Add a dash of soy sauce. Add a fried egg or two. This is simple but delicious.

If I had all your courgettes would make loads of little portions of ratatouille and freeze, to be turned into all kinds of future dinners.

Scribblegirl Tue 18-Jul-17 19:55:14

I make a lasagne with courgettes instead of pasta smile

Titsywoo Tue 18-Jul-17 19:59:20

I'm going to be making these

So good

Titsywoo Tue 18-Jul-17 20:00:56

Here's the colour of mine

bythewindsailors Tue 18-Jul-17 20:06:17
This uses courgettes, it's delicious, healthy and freezes well.

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