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What can I make in a slow cooker that's veggie?

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CaptainWarbeck Sun 16-Jul-17 09:36:58

I've gone out on a limb and ordered a slow cooker - I know typically you use it to show cook meat but there must be some useful veggie dishes I can make with it too.

I've got a 2 week old and a 2 year old, DH about to go back to work so hoping for some meals I can chuck in in the morning and then forget about until dinner.

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WorkingBling Sun 16-Jul-17 14:24:28

I've never done veggie either but keep meaning too. I know you can do jacket potatoes. I suspect a good veg curry would work too. Only problem is I am not sure it would need the full Day. Among hopeful. Answering to see if anyone else has good ideas. Dh doing slimming world and it did occur to to me that veggie stews or curries might work in slow cooker.

DoneInn Sun 16-Jul-17 14:30:16

I use my slow cooker a lot but it's really best for meat - pulled pork, ham or casseroles. Veggie food generally cooks much quicker and I don't see the point in using slow cooker for it. DS2 is veggie so if I am doing a beef curry in the slow cooker I will prep all the veg and use the same spices to do a sweet potato or nut curry for him in a pan in the last hour or so.

NC4now Sun 16-Jul-17 14:33:45

DS loves slow cooker mac n cheese. It's his absolute favourite and he's a right carnivore!

NC4now Sun 16-Jul-17 14:34:36

Sausage casserole with veggie sausages?

Littlesnail Sun 16-Jul-17 14:39:46

I've done BBQ jackfruit which works really well.

DoneInn Sun 16-Jul-17 14:41:17

My experience of slow cookers is that veg dissolve are over cooked after 6-8 hours even on low.

KoalaDownUnder Sun 16-Jul-17 14:46:33

Red lentil dhal. Google for recipes. Is cheap, veggie and divine.

indigox Sun 16-Jul-17 14:48:01

Veg is always awful cooked in a slow cooker.

lastqueenofscotland Sun 16-Jul-17 15:35:56

Slow cookers destroy veg sad

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 16-Jul-17 15:38:43

Nigella does a lovely bean chilli that could be done in the Slow cooker.

Lentil Dahl

Sweet potato and chick pea curry

Lentil bolognaise


Tomato and lentil soup

Tomato and veg sauces for pasta

KoalaDownUnder Sun 16-Jul-17 15:47:50

Root vegetables in slow cookers can be lovely, ideally cut fairly chunky. Especially stews and soups.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 16-Jul-17 15:50:29

Veggie chilli works fine in the slowcoker. We also do a shepherds pie filling with Quorn mince that works really well. Must admit ours doesn't get much use beyond that though.

DoneInn Sun 16-Jul-17 16:00:34

I never had a slow cooker when I was working and DC were small as mornings were way too difficult to fit in chopping onions. You'd have to be super organised and prep the nigh before.
Alternatively use to batch cook at weekends and re-heat on work days.
Get the biggest slow cooker you can bu and whatever you make always do at least double to freeze surplus.

LockedOutOfMN Sun 16-Jul-17 16:01:02

Frijoles are nice - get good quality dried black beans (La Asturiana is best), check through them for any little stones, soak overnight in water, drain off the water hen put them in the slow cooker, covered with water, with one large or two small onions (raw, roughly chopped into 4-8 pieces) and the peeled, raw whole cloves of one bulb of garlic. Slow cook until the beans have the soft feel of Heinz baked beans - still whole but very soft.

You can then eat the beans and the liquid they were cooked in as a soup (some people add a squirt of cream, also season the "soup" to taste) or on the side of eggs cooked anyway.

Then drain off most of the cooking liquid, leaving in the onion and garlic, and pulse in a food processor (a hand blender will do) to make a delicious and nutritious paste that can be eaten warm or cold. My husband likes it on crusty bread that's been spread with Philadelphia. I eat it on bread or crackers or on the side of almost any dish, also like a dip with crudités. It will last in the fridge for 5 even 6 or 7 days and can also be frozen.

Apart from the cost of the cooking it's a very cheap dish and anyone we've fed it to has agreed with us it's delicious!

PhuntSox Sun 16-Jul-17 17:12:24

Rice pudding

Slimthistime Sun 16-Jul-17 17:21:48

Glad you asked OP
I have one and thinking to give it away as I'm veggie
Bit unsure re lugging to charity shop as it's electrical but don't want to bin.

CaptainWarbeck Sun 16-Jul-17 18:21:49

Hmm interesting, thanks all.

Seems like regular veg will go mushy, needs root veg for stews/curries.

Daal, bolognese and chilli definitely on the to do list. Slow cooked tomato sauce also could be something to try.

I'm intrigued by slow cooker mac n cheese NC?

Will definitely be trying the frijoles locked, that sounds really good. Thanks for the recipe.

Hadn't thought about puddings! Toddler will love proper rice pudding.

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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 16-Jul-17 19:14:55

Yes to rice pudding.

Those black beans sound good. I love black bean soup, but have only ever done it with tinned beans before.

NC4now Sun 16-Jul-17 20:59:18

I've done this one before. It's lovely.
mac n cheese

You might do well to buy a timer plug as lots of veggie recipes don't take as long.

CaptainWarbeck Thu 20-Jul-17 05:24:47

Definitely going to try that NC! Never put eggs in mac n cheese before but looks tasty. And easy. Thanks for the recipe.

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sashh Thu 20-Jul-17 06:03:15

Things that need or are better after a long time so baked potatoes, pulses that sort of thing.

Bake a variety of beans / chickpeas with passata and tinned tomatoes and some spices for a hearty veg casserole.

Overnight porridge.

Also good for keeping things warm, I use mine if I have guests so that I can have a hot and cold buffet.

dnwig Sat 22-Jul-17 15:58:02

Vegan baked beans

Baked sweet potatoes

CherokeeJack Mon 24-Jul-17 09:21:02

You could make saag aloo? Soups, casseroles and stews? E.g. Minestrone soup, mushroom stroganoff, curried Vegetable and Chickpea Stew etc.

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